Catnip Free



Catnip isn't for every cat.  Many of our most popular toys are made without catnip. We make the best catnip free cat toys!

If your kitty doesn't really like organic catnip or is avoiding catnip for other reasons, these are the toys to buy.  All fun and all catnip free!   

*** please note, our large workshop does contain catnip--some cats can still smell the slight aroma of catnip from our workshop on our shipping boxes, etc.  We store the catnip free toys in closed containers but some cats are very sensitive to catnip.  All of our catnip free toys are washable if this is the case for your cats.  

We make our toys in our Indiana workshop- lovingly crafted and joyously fun.  Our natural cat toys are synthetic free and plastic free.   Just the organic and natural fibers cats love.

If Mother Nature doesn't make it, we don't use it! 

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