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Finding safe, fun, and natural dog toys should be easy, but it isn't!  Have you noticed that most dog toys are still made in China from bright synthetic materials?  Plastic dyed toys are not safe for your dog.  

Dogs don't want smelly plastic toys.  They want natural textures and scents.  They love the feel of natural fibers-- hemp, wool, and organic cotton.  

We make our dog toys in our Indiana workshop- lovingly crafted, safe, and joyously fun.   Just the organic fibers dogs naturally love.

If Mother Nature doesn't make it, we don't use it! 

You can buy a natural USA made dog toy at a fair price. USA toy producers exist-- but you may not find them in your local big box store. Our production is costly-- fair USA wages, clean toxin free manufacturing space, and wonderful natural materials.  We sell directly to our customers to keep our product prices reasonable.  If you are reading this-- you are actively looking for a better quality dog toy. Thank you! 

Dogs adore our toys!  Our designs are fun, but dogs love our toys because they are natural and don't stink or taste weird. Dogs are true sensory connoisseurs.  


What our customers say:

Just thought I would let you know how much my Siberian Husky Shiloh loves his new hemp carrot toy. I really appreciate something that is safe for him and made in the USA. Only the best for my boy and you guys delivered. Diane, New York
Thank you for making such clean, safe and beautiful products for pets. I ordered a variety of your kitty chase toys for Christmas. I must confess that they are for our Chihuahua-Poodle mixes. One happens to love catnip (yes, believe it or not), and the other is obsessed with playing fetch and catch. They are the perfect size for our 6 pound little guys, and they are having so much fun with their new toys. I am especially grateful and relieved to offer organic materials for them to play with. The fact that they are made in the USA instead of overseas is a plus too. The quality is just beautiful.  B.G., Ontario, Canada
We received the toys today. Our miniature poodle has been playing nonstop with one of the wool balls for the past half hour. I've never seen him so excited about a toy before! He loves to play, but the way he took to the ball, let us know that he really thinks these are something special!  R.K., Waukegan, IL
I love the organic cotton dog toys. I have a lab mix pup whose mission is to get to the innards of his toys. These well sewn toys take him awhile and if he happens to ingest a little I don't worry so much. My two smaller dogs also appreciate that these toys are sturdy enough that they get some play time with them as well. I will keep ordering replacement toys, they are the best I've found. Thank you!!  Jane C.
I love this squeaky toy almost as much as Chakra, my golden retriever! This is my second one purchased from Purrfectplay. The other one got lost or it's hiding somewhere so I bought another one. Chakra could play with it forever. I think she likes it because it's so natural and FEELS so good to her. Pets know the deal as much as some of us do. (No t everybody appreciates the natural stuff) but I sure do! No chemicals is damn near a miracle in our world! Thank God somebody understands the concept of healthy and natural! Yaa hoo!  Brett 
Perfect for my Lab puppy who loves to play tug of war and always needs to chew. After 3 weeks of constant use it’s still very much intact and I know he’s not getting any chemicals with any toy from Purrfect Play. I look forward to the day when/if they expand their line!  Robert F.