Finding safe, fun, and natural dog toys should be easy, but it isn't!  Have you noticed that most dog toys are still made in China from bright synthetic materials?  Plastic dyed toys are not safe for your dog.  

Dogs don't want smelly plastic toys.  They want natural textures and scents.  They love the feel of natural fibers-- hemp, wool, and organic cotton.  

We make our dog toys in our Indiana workshop- lovingly crafted, safe, and joyously fun.   Just the organic fibers dogs naturally love.

If Mother Nature doesn't make it, we don't use it! 

You can buy a natural USA made dog toy at a fair price. USA toy producers exist-- but you may not find them in your local big box store. Our production is costly-- fair USA wages, clean toxin free manufacturing space, and wonderful natural materials.  We sell directly to our customers to keep our product prices reasonable.  If you are reading this-- you are actively looking for a better quality dog toy. Thank you! 

Dogs adore our toys!  Our designs are fun, but dogs love our toys because they are natural and don't stink or taste weird. Dogs are true sensory connoisseurs.