CAT: Catnip Free Toys

Grey cat with a long white catnip free toy

Catnip Free Toys

Avoiding catnip? We have designed a line of toys that depend on shape and texture to draw the interest of your cats.... NOT catnip!

Big hit!

I have to tell you, my boys went crazy for these toys! The mouse was a big hit! We purchased the catnip free toys and they still went nuts for them. Super fun watching the boys enjoy their new cat toys!

Anthony G - 12/2018

Crazy fun!

The jingle bells, size, and wiggles of this toy make it crazy fun for my cats.

Pam D - 03/2012

Love these!

Love these! My cats are so happy! ….These toys are so much fun, the materials are perfect, and the way they are made is phenomenal. We are very grateful for you!!

Jordan L - 01/2023

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