About Us

walking on the beach with our angel dog, rosa

Contact us via email:  info@purrfectplay.com    or call:  219-916-8590

I was the kind of young girl who always had a cat on her lap. I loved art, cats, and nature. When I grew up, I studied art and biology and adopted a fur family of my own. Finding toys worthy of our family was a big problem. Most toys were made in China from bright synthetic materials and were just not safe. So, we started making our own toys. Eventually, we decided to share them and started Purrfectplay!

We make our toys in our Indiana workshop — lovingly crafted and fun. No synthetics, no dyes, no plastics — just the natural fibers cats and dogs love. If Mother Nature doesn’t make it, we don’t use it!

From our beginning we have been a "green" company, dedicated to a sustainable business model. We are members of Green America and AmericanMadeMatters.  Our home state is important to us- we are proud members of Indiana Grown and the Hoosier Environmental Council.    You can read more about us here: Green America/ Purrfectplay

We gratefully give 5% of each and every sale to no kill/rescue organizations. We hope you will find a way to contribute to a group such as these too!

Purrfectplay is simply dedicated to producing the best cat and dog toys possible while keeping you informed about the role synthetics and chemicals play in undermining your pets' health and the welfare of our planet. We are not flashy and you will probably never see our pet products on the shelves of your local mega store.

We appreciate you visiting and buying our pet toys. Check out our Instagram feed!  We would love to hear from you!

Pam Wheelock
Head Honcho, Cat Soother, and Dog Walker.