DOGS: Organic Gluten Free Treats

We have carefully chosen natural dog treats that are healthy and tasty.

The dog treats we offer are grain free, gluten free, and organic. They are made in the USA by a company that cares.

The location where these treats are made is a gluten free facility but they are not certified gluten free.  Because these treats are human grade... we nibbled on them too. Some of us are very sensitive celiac folk and we have never had any reactions... AND they are very tasty!

Coco Therapy is a small family owned and managed company.  They use coconuts harvested from their family farm, ensuring that the coconuts they use are 100% organic and non-GMO coconuts, grown in rich organic volcanic soil, and tree-ripened for 12 months.  Their coconuts are ethically harvested. Their pets are important parts of their family and their products show this love and dedication.  

 We offer 2 different types, 5 flavors in total.  All yummy and healthy!  


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