Organic Cotton "Tooth" Cat Toy - Small Catnip Free Toy - Washable

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NEW! Our super cute organic cotton "Tooth" is a perfect cat toy for holding between your paws, carrying, and tossing!

A good first toy for a kitten. Catnip free and washable! Sold as singles (7.95)

  • 3 INCH wide and long
  • Organic Cotton Fleece
  • Stuffed with organic cotton
  • Catnip Free
  • Durable double layer construction 
  • Washable
  • Plastic and Dye Free

Did you know that 20% of cats just do not respond to catnip?? 

Purrfectplay's catnip free toys depend on shape/texture to draw the interest of your cats... NOT catnip.

** our workshop does contain catnip although we store the catnip free toys separately.  Some cats are very sensitive to catnip. Our Catnip Free toys are washable if this is the case for your cats. 

 We gratefully give 5% of each sale to no kill/rescue organizations

 We are members of Green America and support Hoosier Enviromental Council

  * Supervision is a good idea with any new toy

Made in the USA (Indiana)