American Made

   It seems simple, "buy American". But where do you find American made products? Certainly if you go to a mega pet supply store, very little on the shelves comes from the USA. Most "big" stores sell products from China.

So, again, where can you find products made in America? Start looking and asking for American made products and you will find them. Look on-line, ask your friends and neighbors, and check out sites like American Made Matters and Made in America Movement.

Purrfectplay is proud to manufacture here in the USA. the majority of our fibers are also grown/milled/processed in the USA. 

Buying an American made pet product:

  • Supports American jobs
  • Protects the environment because US companies follow stricter guidelines/regulations
  • Builds community values by supporting a culture of creativity and production
  • Saves energy because less shipping is needed for materials/end result products
  • Supports intrinsic cultural values about the humane care of dogs and cats
  • Protects your pet's health: foreign products can be tainted with toxic chemical because there is little to no inspection of overseas pet supplies by our government