DOG: Natural Hemp Toys

Large white dog playing with a natural hemp dog toy.

Hemp Dog Toys

Designs that work WITH natural materials to provide a more sturdy toy alternative to toxic plastics.

  • Dogs love the texture and smell of natural hemp!
  • Multiple layers of hemp canvas with double sewn seams. Toy inside toy construction.
  • We use organic cotton stuffing, NEVER synthetic poly fill.
  • Our squeakers are sewn into individual packets for added protection.
  • All of our dog toys can be made without a squeaker
  • Some dogs love to destroy their toys. We work hard to produce a durable yet natural dog toy.... and some dogs will still destroy it. This is just how some dogs play.

A toy you can feel good about!

As a pet sitter, I am always concerned about toy safety for my guests, not to mention durability. These toys are TOUGH and the squeakers come in their own sewn hemp packet inside so if your pup eventually gets it out, you have added protections so they won't easily swallow it. The natural cotton stuffing is wonderful. Just high marks all around!

Laura Y - 09/2021

Non Toxic

What our pup chews on is important to us- we only buy non-toxic toys for him. His favorite toys always seem to be the ones from purrfectplay!

Vivian K - 03/2018

Only the best!

Bought these for a friend’s big boys, known to shred and destroy. They are extremely well made and lasted considerably longer than I thought they would. The quality materials, bag-in-a-bag and non-matched seams really do extend the useful life and they seem so much safer than cheap plastic brightly colored junk

Vicky S - 02/2021




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