DOGS: Solid Wool Balls

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Plastic Free/ Solid Wool Balls

Our handmade wool balls are sturdy and smell of the great outdoors. Dogs love them!

  • Handmade using chemical free wool from small family farms. Plastic and dye free.
  • Wool balls are naturally bouncy and washable
  • They do NOT contain a squeaker.
  • Our felted wool balls renew in the washer and come with washing instructions.

Non Toxic

My puppy loves it! It’s a nontoxic option of a tennis ball, dog’s favorite toy. It feels good to know that my pup is not exposed to the chemicals while playing with it. Great quality, love its color and how it feels to touch.

Yuliya F - 07/2021

The best dog toy ever!

We had a wool dog ball years ago for our English Pointer mix dog; it was his favorite toy. We now have another dog and she would occasionally lose the ball (also her favorite toy) so we ordered another. These felted wool balls are durable, attractive, and the favorites of our dogs! It's a great dog toy at a great price.

Donna B - 02/2022


Our dog Ada loves to fetch, then chew on her ball. Rubber balls and tennis balls were SO smelly and seemed unsafe. The new wool balls are perfect!

Adriene M - 01/2021

You must be comfortable with the naturally fuzzy qualities of wool to be happy with our felted balls.  Read our Dog Ball FAQ pages for important details.  


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