Dog Organic Wool Ball FAQ

Choosing the right size for your dog:

  • The larger the dog, the larger the ball.
  • The bigger the mouth, the bigger the ball.
  • If your dog is toy aggressive,  buy the larger ball-- it has more wool and will last longer.

As with many other life decisions-it is all about balance.

Sizes:  Our balls are handmade and the sizes may vary just a bit.  The humans who make them are not nearly as perfect as a machine. 

Size/ diameter in inches (measuring across the width of the ball, not around the ball):

 Extra Small= 1.5  Small= just under 2   Medium= 2   Large= 2.5   Jumbo= 3  Super Jumbo= 3 1/4 

How durable are the organic wool balls?

In general more durable than the average. They are solid wool. They can not be destuffed or broken in half.

When felted, wool forms multiple internal bonds -- it shrinks. They CAN be torn up and chewed but this doesn't happen often.

We have customers that still have an intact ball over a year later.

Why should I wash the dog's wool ball?

 When you wash the ball,  you are reproducing the conditions in which it was made. Washing renews the ball.  Of course, you also get a clean fresh ball so that your dog can bury it yet again.

Why do dogs love wool?

Wool is natural.  Dogs love natural stuff.  Pretty simple.  Our balls are 100% plastic free dog toys.  We think plastic is stinky, and so do dogs. 

Our organic wool balls feel good in the mouth and gentle on the teeth. 

Safety and wool balls

Observe your dog with our wool balls, especially if they are aggressive with their toys.  Some wool fuzz is fine but eating a whole toy, any toy, is not a great idea.

If your dog is aggressive, wash the ball frequently- a few times a week. You don't have to do an extra load-just throw it any wash you are doing. You can trim off any fuzz that comes with heavy chewing -- just machine wash and dry.  


This video shows how washing the balls works: