CAT: Natural Balls

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Natural Chase Toys

Handcrafted using pasture raised wool from small farms and organic cotton. Plastic free! Great for hunting, fetching, and carrying.

My cat's favorite toy!

Just ordered another batch of dust bunnies. They are far and away my cats favorite toy! He loves to throw them up by himself and chase them or hide them all over the house.

Pat - 03/2019

Great Product!

We love these balls! Not sure who’s having more fun, me throwing them or them chasing ‘em! And I don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals like in plastic balls! Great product!

KD - 05/2020


Our cat, Toby, loves each of his Purrfectplay Toys. But, his favorites are the dust bunny wool ball and the smaller wool ball. These bounce across the floor so easily for him to chase, toss and bite.

Joan - 07/2018


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