Pet Sleeping Bag: Small - Repair of Tiny Hole

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A cozy bed for a kitty or small dog. Our reversible organic cotton sleeping bags are made with luxurious thick fleece.  Washable and great for travel.  Insert a pillow for extra softness if your pet does not like to burrow.  

**  We repaired a small hole in the fabric.  Organic cotton fleece sometimes comes to us with small flaws, usually we catch them before we sew the fabric, this time we just missed these flaws.  Good Value. Your pet will most probably not notice these.  

20 inches wide x 20 inches long, our original Small Sleeping Pouch (new size is 22 x 24)

  • Soft luxurious certified organic cotton
  • Versatile and practical pet bed
  • Some pets prefer to sleep inside, others prefer sleeping on top
  • Insert a pillow for extra softness
  • Folds and stores with ease — perfect for traveling
  • Machine wash and dry

Made in USA (Indiana)