Organic Printed Cat Collar - Kitten

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7 1/2 to 9 inches/3/8 inch wide  

Not for use with a leash.  We use only breakaway buckles which are are designed to unlatch and keep the cat safe if caught on a branch or other potentially dangerous environmental hazards.  

  • Adjustable kitten cat collar
  • Organic cotton
  • Quality plastic breakaway buckle
  • Gentle and comfy
  • Non toxic dyes
  • Digital printing uses less dye & produces less waste
  • Wash in cold and hang dry

Made in USA (Indiana)  Fabric by Spoonflower/USA

We love these fun organic cotton cat collars... but, for really active kitties, they are not as durable as the hemp collars.  For most cats it is a comfy durable collar. 

What our customers say:

Jack and Isis are the joy of our lives... They both LOVE the mouse and Isis likes to chase and fetch the woolen balls! The silky hemp collar looks great on Isis! I dyed the plain hemp collar for Jack with a tea bag to match his tan underbelly.
Thank you so much for providing a safe alternative to all of those toys out there that could hurt my kitty. There are never any detachable eyes or limbs, or dangerous materials. I love your company. The silk/hemp collars are the best.