Hemp Cat Collar with Breakaway Buckle - Natural Hypoallergenic Cat Collar

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Natural breakaway cat collars made with strong light weight Hemp Canvas OR Hemp Silk. Both fabrics are dye free and synthetic free.

Hemp is a simple grass-like plant, requiring no pesticides or excess water to grow. Earth and Kitty Friendly!

Our customers report these collars are less irritating and more comfortable than the synthetic collars typically available. 

  • Hemp Canvas is woven and naturally white
  • Hemp Silk has a softer feel and is shiny and white.
  • With the silk addition,  some very active cats find the collar does not stay put as well as the woven.  

Please choose the fabric for your collar + the proper size
     We make 2 lengths / both are 1/2 INCH WIDE
     Adult 9 - 11 INCHES     Kitten 7.5 - 9 INCHES

  • Our collars have Breakaway Buckles
  • They are adjustable 
  • naturally hypoallergenic 
  • Hand wash with scent free detergent/ Hang to dry
  • A bell is not included 

About Breakaway Buckles:

They are designed to "break away" so a cat will not hang itself by its collar. This buckle may then also unlatch if caught on "stuff" in a cat's world and fall off.  For this reason, break away buckles may not stay put on a very active or outside cat. Please Do NOT use these collars with a leash.

We are a scent and chemical free workshop.

Please watch the video to better understand how a natural hemp collar is different from collars made from synthetics.

Made in the USA (Indiana)  Fabric printed by Spoonflower/USA

We gratefully give 5% of each sale to no kill/rescue organizations

We are members of Green America and support Hoosier Enviromental Council


  • 5
    Exactly what I was looking for!

    Posted by Cecilia Pollock on Aug 17, 2022

    I have a young active cat with long silky fur and other collars were matting her hair and another older cat with short thick hair and previous collars irritated her skin so it was hard finding something for both of them with opposite problems however the satin hemp collars are perfect, lightweight, and they hardly even notice them on! The collars loosen more often than regular collars due to their name tags attached however it’s not a problem I just tighten it a bit and they’re good to go! Will be buying from this company again.

  • 5
    Best collars ever…

    Posted by Terry Vinocur on Oct 25, 2021

    Love the silk hemp collars and have used them for amount 6 years. They’re the healthiest collars and a must for something cats wear every day. Wool toys are great too. They’ve lasted for many years. This is the healthiest company for our felines.

  • 5
    Very soft, beautiful cat collar

    Posted by Connie Reed on Aug 18, 2021

    This is a nice soft collar that my cat likes. The Kitten size fits my small female adult cat, with a lot of room to spare. I love this collar!

  • 5
    My cat scratched other collar s

    Posted by Pamela K. on May 24, 2021

    My cat scratched other collars into a mess. I purchased this one in hope that it would be more comfortable for him to wear and that he would not be as itchy and therefore no scratch it as much. So far, it seems to be working.

  • 5
    Smooth and sturdy

    Posted by Vanessa B. on Dec 08, 2020

    Very smooth and sturdy. I got it to reduce my cat’s scratching since he has to wear a collar, and it worked well. It stands up pretty well to the remaining scratching that he does too.

  • 3
    Cat lost it in the house

    Posted by Xavier A. on Sep 19, 2020

    We ordered the regular hemp twice before and ordered the silk on this last order for the first time. Love the silk fabric. The clip is not too secure. My cat already lost it in the house and we are still looking for the collar.

  • 5
    Amazing customer service

    Posted by Kari Hamilton on Aug 21, 2020

    Amazing customer service. They really care about you AND your cat.

  • 5
    Extremely soft

    Posted by Lauren F. on Aug 14, 2020

    Extremely soft unlike nylon, plus the clasp is strong but safe

  • 5
    Cat doesn’t mind wearing it

    Posted by Connie R. on Jun 28, 2020

    This is a very nice soft cat collar, and my cat doesn't mind wearing it. Thank you for a great product!