Natural Balls & Chase Toys


Are your cats bored with synthetic "big box" cat toys? Are you looking for a soft bouncy ball your cats can carry in their mouths and bat all over? Do you worry about toxins in plastic cat toys?

Our soft bouncy natural cat balls are handcrafted only using wool from small family farms or organic cotton. Cats love the natural textures. They carry and bat our little balls from room to room. Some cats even sleep with them!

Great for hunting, fetching, and carrying! We have designed our chase balls using only the natural fibers cats love.

Eco friendly and fun! They are even washable!

We handcraft all of our cat toys in Purrfectplay's Indiana workshop. We are a smoke and scent free shop.  

If Mother Nature doesn't make it, we don't use it! 

 We gratefully give 5% of each sale to no kill/rescue organizations

 We are members of 1% for the Planet and Green America

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