Fuzzy Organic Catnip Mouse

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Fluffy white organic catnip toy. Natural cat toy made in USA.  Vegan cat toy.
  • Extra fluffy organic cotton cat toy
  • Lined with organic cotton for extra durability
  • 4 inches long
  • 1/2 cup of fragrant certified organic catnip
  • Thick organic cotton tail
  • Lots of cats tell us this is the best toy ever!

Made in USA (Indiana)

What our customers say:

My new kitty, Dove, exhibited repetitive stress behavior by compulsively licking anything & everything for a couple months. She's become much more relaxed & comfortable now & doesn't do the licking much anymore, but for a while it was really excessive. I worried about her ingesting lead from paint and chemicals from things like varnish. It was really helpful to have your little organic fleece mouse as an alternative distraction for her. It's been really surprising to me how attached to it she's become. 
M.C.Fort Collins, CO
I received the catnip yesterday. Thanks again. I just wanted to share with you a picture of one of my ferals, Amigo, - enjoying your toys.
Y.P.Chicago, IL
When I get home from work, I am met by cats demanding canned food, so feeding them is the first thing I do. Then I look at the mail, and today I opened the package from you, removed a small mouse, and put it on the floor. The cats left their beloved canned food to play with the mouse, not just for a moment or two, but for a long time. The food sat on the plate ignored. I know of no better endorsement of a cat toy than that!
Brenda & her four cats
I met you at the vegetarian food festival today. I was the one with the three-year-old cat named Weezie. Well, I had to email you to tell you that he went insane the moment I walked in the house--he could smell the catnip from across the room and ran right over and pawed at my purse. He loved the mouse and has been playing with it for 30 minutes straight!
Mary & WeezieBoston
We have had one tiny mouse for the longest time and decided it would be great to stock up in case of a "chatastrophy" and her one fav goes missing and we give to our other guys now too! The peace of mind your toys give, the quality and fun here is much appreciated!!! Your invoice, stamps, entire package is so great. Organic material that goes in mouths is so important! All the best with everything, much appreciation.
Candice and John