Fuzzy Organic Catnip Mice - Perfect to kick and wrestle

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A joy to carry and toss! Not too big and not too small. Made with thick plush organic cotton fleece, our Fuzzy Catnip Mouse appeals to kitties who think a toy should be soft AND fun to kick and wrestle

Because it is crafted with 2 layers of organic cotton, it is extra durable. Days and weeks of enthusiastic play later, it is still ready for more!

Singles are 11.95.    Set of 3 is 32.95

  • Made with extra fluffy organic cotton 
  • Lined with organic cotton for extra durability
  • 1/2 CUP of fragrant USDA certified organic catnip
  • Organic cotton tail - If  your cats like to eat yarn, you can cut off the tail when it arrives (your know your cat best)
  • Made in our Indiana workshop/ USA

A simple natural cat toy... nothing but organic catnip and cotton. We never use synthetic fillers or plastics.

We store our fragrant organic catnip out of the light in an air tight container, insuring its freshness. Cats love our toys! 

We gratefully give 5% of each sale to no kill/rescue organizations

We are members of 1% for the Planet and Green America

* Supervision is a good idea with any new toy. 

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  • 5
    Happy Cat with Mouse

    Posted by Christina Grier on 16th Sep 2021

    Our older cat has chosen this as his favorite toy, treating it just like a mouse. Leaving it for us to find by the door or at our shoes. He becomes very vocal while playing, and we have to put it away at night or else he wakes us with his "hunting" calls.

  • 5
    Excellent toy

    Posted by William A. on 22nd Apr 2021

    Excellent toy, and our little tortie still enjoyed thrashing it even after the catnip smell had worn off! Ordering her another one.

  • 5
    Awesome toy!

    Posted by Laura Burkle on 9th Apr 2021

    My cat loves the catnip mouse, and I love that it's organic!

  • 5
    Love your products

    Posted by Liz B. on 8th Mar 2021

    My sisters cat love love loves your products. Over the years I bought or maybe eight or 10 and she still loves them all

  • 5
    Our cats love them

    Posted by Bob M on 27th Sep 2020

    Our cats LOVE them!

  • 5
    Roxie loves your catnip

    Posted by Joan M. on 27th Aug 2020

    My much loved Roxie has told me I must write this review. She loves your catnip but she is beyond in love with your organic cotton mouse. When I am playing with her, she tries to play with the new toy, but only If she can hug on to her mouse at the same time. A definite challenge sometimes. Want to add too, the mouse is very well made and is holding up well with all the loving.

  • 5
    Made in the USA

    Posted by Aurelie W on 25th May 2020

    Our Cat loves her new mouse with Organic Catnip and it's made in the USA

  • 5
    Organic and make in the USA!

    Posted by Donna Kurdock on 27th Apr 2020

    Excellent toys, and I don’t worry about any dangerous materials in it for her. Organic and made in the USA! Give your cat a gift of love.

  • 4
    High quality

    Posted by Thomas C. on 3rd Mar 2020

    My cats keep running after and biting this mouse, which I won't worry about because the mouse has high quality build and made with organic cotton.

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