Wool Balls For Cats

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Our wool cat balls are great for hunting, pouncing and carrying!

We have designed these fun wool toys to be light, bouncy, and durable. Heavier and firmer than our Ping Pongs and Bunnies. 

Handmade sizes may vary:  Small -- 2 inches, smaller than a racket ball      Large -- 3 inches, about the size of a tennis ball

  • Made with pasture raised organic wool
  • Cats love the natural texture/smell of these balls
  • Dye free: Natural shades of cream, grey, and brown
  • Plastic free
  • Contain a bell
  • Machine washable

*** please note, our large workshop does contain catnip--some cats can still smell the slight aroma of catnip from our workshop on our shipping boxes, etc.  We store the catnip free toys in closed containers but some cats are very sensitive to catnip.  All of our catnip free toys are washable if this is the case for your cats.  

Made in USA (Indiana)


What our customers say:

Just wanted to write and say how much my cat, Chance, loves his toys from PurrfectPlay! He has had one of the wool balls since last summer when I bought one at the European Market, and he loves to play with it in the bathtub! I put the plug in the drain so the ball doesn't get stuck, and he will chase it around in there forever! He also got the Sherpa mouse for Christmas and likes to kick it up into the air. We will definitely be return customers! thanks!
ShaunaPorter County, IN
The kitties at my house LOVE their Purrfectplay felt balls! The wool component makes them especially appealing without the 'ick' factor of fur or feather toys. Thank you for making such wonderful products.
Absolutely my cat's favorite toy (wool ball)--he ALWAYS has it close by!!
V.L.Golden, Colorado
I have cats and they absolutely loved the toys I ordered, I bought the balls last week which they smacked around the hardwood floors but I have to say the snake is such a favorite that I am getting three more and sharing your web site with my friends! We do a lot of cat rescue and are therefore always trying out new toys. I particularly like yours because they are made from such safe and natural products, Thank you very much !
J.S.Pasadena, CA