Squeaky Hemp Carrot Dog Toy

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Hemp is an interesting fiber... its production is based on the weather conditions during the growth of the crop. This year, we find our selves with a shortage of quality Hemp fabric until Mid July. Much of this slow down is due to Covid related supply issues. We are frustrated but....July is just around the corner.  We wish you all a healthy gentle summer. 

Do your dogs love squeaky toys?   Are you nervous about plastic/ synthetic dog toys?  Plastic may sometimes be more durable than natural materials-- but that does not mean your dog should chew on it!

We make 3 Hemp Carrot sizes:  Small 7 x 4 inch (13.95)  Medium 9 x 5 inch (17.95)  Large 14 x 6 inch (21.95)

  • Toy inside toy construction-- inner toy contains the stuffing and squeaker
  • 3 distinct layers of tough hemp canvas
  • Topped with sturdy hemp cord "leaves"
  • Stuffed with certified organic cotton
  • No synthetic or plastic polyfill
  • Squeakers enclosed in an additional protective sleeve
  • All seams double sewn
  • Washable

We put 3 tough hemp canvas layers between your dog's teeth and the stuffing.  It works well for most (but not all) dogs!  Please consider your dog's play behavior when choosing a toy.  

**We double and triple sew our seams. We engineer our toys so that each layer's seams are separate from the others-- there is no common seam to quickly rip through.

Even when your playful dog chews holes in the top layers, there are more layers to play through. The organic cotton stuffing and squeaker are in the very last layer. NO polyfill!  

Because of this multiple layer construction, our toys may not have a loud squeak.

Squeakers, multiple layer construction, earth friendly hemp, and made in the USA (Indiana)

Supervision with a new pet toy is a good idea!

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