Pad of Luxury

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Our Pad of Luxury is a hybrid-- a catnip toy meets cat bed.  Just the right size to snooze and roll on.  We fill an inner organic cotton sleeve with a little organic catnip. We slip this refillable sleeve into a soft yet sturdy outer sleeve.  Cats love to roll and cover themselves with the catnip scent and then... sleep it off on this soft organic cotton pad!  17 x 21 inches

  • Lovely natural organic top, soft organic fleece bottom
  • Inside sleeve of organic cotton lightly filled with organic catnip
  • Refillable and washable
  • Hand embroidered detail adds a unique touch
  • Great gift for a cat lover!

Made in USA (Indiana)


What our customers say:

I just love the pad of luxury! My owner put the pad on top of my favorite chair. I snuggle on it practically the whole day (except when she takes me to the garden). The catnip inside the pad is great. I really like rubbing my face all over it. I love what the catnip does to my disposition too. I seem to get along better with my little sister, Pumpkin! My owner likes the fact that she can take the cover off to wash it. The only problem being that I'm always on the pad so she has to move me (usually to the kitty condo). Thank you Purrfectplay for making this wonderful Pad of Luxury.