Organic Dog Balls: Small Dogs

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Do you wonder what your dog's favorite ball is made of?  Why is it yellow? Where was it made?  Is it safe?

You can choose a completely natural wool ball made in the USA!  Durable, renewable, and washable.  Dogs adore our handmade organic wool balls!  They smell and feel natural, because they are!

Choose the correct size dog ball for YOUR dog and learn more. Wool Ball Frequently Asked Questions

* Please note, these balls are made with only wool.  You must be comfortable with the fuzziness of wool to be happy with them -some natural wool can end up in your dog's mouth.  They renew in the washer and come with washing instructions.  Please wash our 100% wool balls to renew them

Sizes:  Our balls are handmade and the sizes may vary just a bit.  The humans who make them are not nearly as perfect as a machine. 

Extra Small/ approximately 1.5 inches    Small/ under 2 inches    Medium/2 inches

Large/2.5 inches    Jumbo/ 3 inches     Super Jumbo/3 1/4 inches

  • 100% plastic free
  • 100% organic wool
  • Made without harsh chemicals
  • Durable and bouncy
  • No squeaker
  • Renewed by washing
  • Gentle on your dog's teeth
  • Happy pasture raised sheep from small Midwest farms provide our wool
  • Machine wash and dry

Small and Medium wool balls could be a swallow hazard for large dogs. Please order size accordingly.  Visit our FAQ page for size info. 


 What our customers say:

Maggie loves her two new wool balls she just received. They bounce so well. I wish you could see this eight month old, seven pound puppy jumping in the air and skidding across the floor to catch them. We've spent a good amount of time playing with them, tossing them in the air, bouncing them off the wall, rolling them on the floor. She drops every toy when she sees me with the wool ball in my hand. Thank you for making such a durable, safe and fun ball for her to enjoy for a long, long, time to come. Your delivery was super fast, too.
P. S.Midlothian, VA
This order will make four balls I've gotten. Maggie loves them but so did her older sister when we went to visit her and play ball with her. Lucy loved Maggie's ball so much, we let her keep it. Lucy's family tells me it's her favorite toy and she plays with it all the time.
P.S.Midlothian, VA
This wool ball is by far the most durable toy I have ever seen. It has outlasted every single other store bought and homemade toy that I have given my 60lb dog Maya. She loves it and continues to play with it day in and day out, yet she cannot destroy it no matter how hard she tries. I plan to to buy her a new one every year...not because she needs it but because she deserves it
C. P.Boulder, CO
Hello, Sending a photo of our 13 wk old Pom/Maltese mix with his favorite toy. Kip actually stole it from our cats for whom we bought it for last Christmas. Looks like I'll have to get more for the cats now because I don't believe he'll be giving this one back anytime soon!
A.H.Wilmington NC
I'm so glad your company exists. I love watching my cats wrestle with their catnip snake toy, and here are some pictures of my dogs Lucy (German Shepherd / Lab mix) and Par (Akita) enjoying their jumbo wool balls. Note how each starts out with their own ball, then Lucy makes a bid,for total control but Par ends up with both (his foot is covering one in the last pic). Lucy loves her tennis ball over all else, but it is not a good indoor toy, and the wool ball has saved us many times when it was too rainy to play with her outside. Your cat and dog toys have gotten 100% rave reviews from friends to whom I've given them as gifts, too. Even after moving to Portland, OR, I have not found any products quite like yours. Thank you for making toys we can feel good about giving to the animals we love.
SandraPortland, OR
I just wanted to tell you what a great time my dog is having with the cat toys, yeah I said dog! We got the toys in the mail 2 days after I ordered them and the dog took to the wool balls immediately. I will probably have to order more toys for the cats, now that my mother's dog has slobbered all over them. The cats have been playing with the adorable mice that we bought, they love to bat them back and forth to each other. I was so excited with your packaging, since I can compost it all! Thanks for really thinking about the environment in everything that you do. 
Abigail CGermantown, TN
I bought a wool ball for our three Basset Hounds last week, and it's their favorite toy ever!! 
A.S.Chelsea, MI
Beemer my 7lb Dachshund could and will destroy any toy sometimes within 20 minutes. Your wool balls are great and after 24 hours the ball is 100 percent intact. I thought that she would never play with a ball or toy without a squeaker, but you proved my wrong. I have not seen her so excited about a toy in a long time.
S.H.Bossier City, LA
Last year we bought one of your balls for our dog at the Green Festival, and he just loves it! Findlay plays with it all the time. 
We have two spunky Jack Russel Terriers and we have had them literally take down toys in minutes! Your wool ball is the only toy we have ever had that is still 100% intact after several months. We play catch every day. It is wonderful knowing that the fibers won't poison or get lodged in my doggies' tummy!
Lisa Biddle, founder/owner of Isabella's Dream


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