Organic Cotton Dust Bunnies

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Pack of organic cotton dust bunnies

  • Bunny cat balls are approximately 2 inches in diameter
  • Certified organic cotton
  • Light, fuzzy, and soft
  • Washable
  • Not as durable as the other cat balls we make, they are tightly tied in the middle, not felted.  These balls are best for cats that are not super aggressive with their toys
  • Many cats love them.  
  • Swallow hazard for large dogs, very aggressive cats, and smaller children
  • Supervision is always a good idea with any toy.
  • Animal product free/ Vegan

Packaging no longer has a cellophane window and is completely recyclable and plastic free. 

*** please note, our large workshop does contain catnip--some cats can still smell the slight aroma of catnip from our workshop on our shipping boxes, etc.  We store the catnip free toys in closed containers but some cats are very sensitive to catnip.  All of our catnip free toys are washable if this is the case for your cats.  

Made in USA (Indiana)

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