Organic Catnip/ Eco Catnip Toys


Finding fun natural cat toys can be difficult.  Most toys are made in China from bright synthetic materials in designs made to attract humans, not cats. 

Purrfectplay believes cats should not chew on heavily dyed fabric toys.... especially ones filled with catnip! Fabric dyes are not tested to be eaten. The dye component is often bonded to the fabric with heavy metals. This bond makes the colors brighter. Cat saliva is acidic and can assist in breaking those bonds. For this reason, brightly dyed fabrics do not belong in your cat's mouth.

Cats do not see color why give them a potentially toxic toy? Cats respond to texture and contrast... and natural fibers are great at providing these.  Plus.... they smell natural.

We lovingly craft all our pet toys in our Indiana workshop. If Mother Nature doesn't make it, we don't use it!  Our catnip is USDA certified organic and grown in the United States.  

We gratefully give 5% of each sale to no kill/rescue organizations

We are members of 1% for the Planet and Green America

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