Organic Cat Ball Combo

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Our super fun cat balls are handcrafted using natural wool and cotton. Great for hunting, pouncing and carrying! We have designed them to be light, bouncy, and durable.  

  • 2 each: Wool Bunnies, Cotton Bunnies, & Wool Ping Pongs
  • Great way to sample our organic cat balls!
  • Handmade in small batches 
  • Organic cottons and wools
  • Light and bouncy
  • Washable cat toys
  • Swallow hazard for large dogs

*** please note, our large workshop does contain catnip--some cats can still smell the slight aroma of catnip from our workshop on our shipping boxes, etc.  We store the catnip free toys in closed containers but some cats are very sensitive to catnip.  All of our catnip free toys are washable if this is the case for your cats.  

Made in USA (Indiana)


We bought 2 Combo chase ball packages. The cats decided that the wool ping pongs are for fast games, the cotton dust bunnies are for dusting under the furniture and the wool dust bunnies are for playing fetch. Our 6 month old Espresso Tabby thinks that he made up the game and taught it to me. Since he is the one we really need to tire out every day, I am ordering 12 more so I only need to gather them up on cleaning day. Thank you for your wonderful, safe toys!
Connie, Wayne, and kitties Reggie & Emme