Natural Wool Dog Balls: Large Dogs

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Do you wonder what your dog's favorite ball is made of?  Why is it yellow? Where was it made?  Is it safe?

You can choose a completely natural wool ball made in the USA!  Durable, renewable, and washable.  Dogs adore our handmade natural plastic free wool balls!  

Choose the correct size dog ball for YOUR dog and learn more. Wool Ball Frequently Asked Questions

* Please note, these balls are made with only natural wool.  You must be comfortable with the fuzziness of wool to be happy with them - some wool can end up in your dog's mouth.  They renew in the washer and come with washing instructions.  Please wash our 100% wool balls to renew them

Sizes:  Our balls are handmade and the sizes may vary just a bit.  The humans who make them are not nearly as perfect as a machine. 

Size/ diameter in inches (measuring across the width of the ball, not around the ball):

        Large= 2.5   Jumbo= 3   Super Jumbo= 3 1/4

  • Made with natural wool from pasture raised small family flocks
  • Made without harsh chemicals
  • Durable and bouncy 
  • No squeaker
  • You must be comfortable with wool's fuzzy nature!
  • Renewed by washing
  • Gentle on your dog's teeth 
  • Happy pasture raised sheep from small Midwest farms provide our wool
  • They smell and feel natural. 
  • Machine wash and dry

Made in the USA (Indiana) 

 Supervision with a new pet toy is a always a good idea!

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