Natural Cat Ball Combo

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Our super fun cat balls are handcrafted using natural wool. Great for hunting, pouncing and carrying! We have designed them to be light, bouncy, and durable.  

  • 3 each: Wool Bunnies & Wool Ping Pongs 
  • Handmade in small batches 
  • Pasture raised wool
  • Light and bouncy
  • Washable cat toys
  • Swallow hazard for large dogs and very aggressive cats 
  • Supervision is a good idea with any new toy

This combo no longer includes cotton bunnies.  If you would like to order cotton bunnies please visit our Cotton Bunny page

Packaging no longer has a cellophane window and is completely recyclable and plastic free.  

**Some cats can smell the slight aroma of catnip from our large workshop, even though we keep our catnip free toys in a separate area in sealed containers. All of our catnip free toys are washable if this is the case for your cats ** 

Made in USA (Indiana)

Did you know Purrfectplay has a shop on Etsy?  Visit this product on Etsy and read our reviews: Purrfectplay on Etsy/Combo Chase Balls 


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