Kitty BonBon Chase Toys - Wool Ball Cat Toys - Plastic Free Natural Cat Toys

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Each Catnip Free Kitty BonBon is about 1.5 INCHES in diameter around the belly of the "wool bunny".

They are approximately 2.5 INCHES long from the capping wool discs on each end. (This does not included the twine ends)  

Sold in sets of 4. We choose the colors unless you let us know a preference. They are machine washable!

Each Kitty BonBon has a natural wool "bunny" in the middle and has little wool caps made with felted wool. These are strung together with strong earth friendly hemp twine and held in place with double knots.

**When you order a Kitty Bon Bon consider the size of your cat and how aggressively they play. As with most natural pet toys, a strong chewer could tear them up. All the components are natural and synthetic free. You know your cat best, please choose appropriately **

Swallow hazard for a large dog, a very aggressive cat, or a smaller child

Made in the USA (Indiana)

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