Fortune Flyer Hemp Dog Toy

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Our Flyer is made with sturdy hemp canvas-- 2 layers on the outside, 2 layers on the inside-- our special "toy inside toy" construction. It works well for most (but not all) dogs!

Please consider your dog's play behavior when choosing a toy.  

** We know that, while natural, hemp canvas may not be as durable as hard plastic.  That is why we use multiple layers of sturdy hemp canvas.  We double and triple sew our seams. We engineer our toys so that each layer's seams are separate from the others-- there is no common seam.

Even when your playful dog chews holes in the top layers, there are more layers to play through. The organic cotton stuffing and squeaker are in the very last layer. NO polyfill!  

Because of this multiple layer construction, our toys may not squeak super loud. 

Squeakers, multiple layer construction, earth friendly hemp, and made in the USA! 

We make 3 sizes: Small 5 x 3 (10.95)   Medium 7 x 4 (14.95)  Large  9 x 5 (18.95)

  • The Outside = Two layers of hemp canvas
  • The Inside = Two layers of organic cotton denim
  • Stuffed with agave/organic cotton
  • Agave is a clean natural fiber produced in Mexico
  • All seams are double sewn
  • Contains a squeaker/ or choose no squeak
  • Great for throwing and retrieving
  • Good for interactive play
  • Washable and plastic free!
 Made in the USA (Indiana)
FREE SHIPPING on individual orders over $75  (U.S. Postal Service within the United States)  

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