We received our order early last week and our Barbet, Coco, is so happy with everything you sent! I can't believe how beautiful the felted balls are... a work of art! The bedding is awesome... much more luxurious and inviting than the photo on the website was able to render it. You've made another 'Dog Family' very Happy... thanks so much!
Nicole, Vancouver, BC

I recently ordered for the first time and wanted you to know that the most favorite toy of our 18 year old beloved kitty Jack, was not what we ordered but a "wool dust bunny" that you had graciously included free! Thank you so much! So appreciate your making such natural and organic toys with such love and care.
Pam and Jack

We wanted to let you know that our cat Bandit loves the Wool Dust Bunnies. He carries it in his mouth and tosses it up in the air. He chases them and bats them around the house. We are going to try the Cotton Dust Bunnies as well. Thank you for making the "purr" fect toy for Bandit.
P.G., Texas

Just thought I would let you know how much my Siberian Husky Shiloh loves his new hemp carrot toy. I really appreciate something that is safe for him and made in the USA. Only the best for my boy and you guys delivered.
Diane, New York

Just wanted to tell you what fun Barney is having with those fortune cookies. Rudolf has never been one to play games or with toys - very serious dog that! - but the pup sees a game in everything. I must say he was not over-impressed when they first arrived but about four days ago I squeezed one to show him the squeak, which is pleasantly muted and not easy to make. OMG that was it! He kicked it and nosed it and bit it to get that squeaker going. Part of the game is to bring it to me like a trophy, lay it down within reach and then just stare at me, willing me to squeak it and throw. He goes diving on it, shakes it like a rat, kicks it around etc until finally he brings it back for the game to start again. So thank you again for giving him hours of fun.
R. C.

I love these Wooly Ping Pongs, so does Sundance. Such a perfect, environmentally conscious toy that is safe for my cat. You make the only toys I feel good about him putting in his mouth.
Kimberly, Utah

I just wanted to let you know that my dogs love the toys that I won in the Made in America Christmas Giveaway. They love the squeaky hemp carrot and the cotton tug toy was a BIG hit with my younger dog. I can't believe how well the tug toy has held up to her constant rough play
Debbie G.

My family and I want to thank you so much for starting this great company and providing an alternative to the plethora of unsafe, synthetic cat toys on the market. You'll certainly be getting more orders from me in the future!
Emily & Hermes, New Your City

Hannah has had her snake for over two years and does her best to dismantle it on a daily basis. Except for a layer of her hair coating it, the snake looks like it did when I bought it - that thing is indestructible! When I got it, I thought I would have to show Hannah how to use it. But first, I wanted to see how she would react. I set it on the floor and waited. To my surprise, she marched straight over to it, and, without a sniff or a circling, collapsed to the ground, wrapped her body around it, and started kicking the living daylights out of the thing - a routine which has become a daily ritual for her.
Sarah & Hannah, Wisconsin

You may notice an order from us every couple years or so as they fully enjoy your items.
Adam, California

My cats still love the Chubby Catnip Snake (kitty kicker, as we call it)! It's the perfect size, and durable! I tend to rotate their toys, store them in bags with catnip and swap them occasionally to keep them novel for my pets, but the chubby catnip snake stays out 24/7/365 (although moved to different areas/rooms/etc.) because they never tire of it! I don't know how long I've had it (several years, I'm guessing) and they still love it! Thanks for offering such safe, quality, attractive, reasonably-priced, and desirable products!
Elizabeth, Minnesota

Logan LOVES the big plush bone and has been playing with it since the mailman dropped it at our door. He plays with it and sleeps with it, too. It is so cute and soft. It made him so happy, and me too!
M.M., Pennsylvania

We received our package in the mail today. I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the extra wool ball. I gave Brutus one ball now and kept the other for when the first one gets shredded. Brutus is dog pound rescue and I've never seen him get more excited for a toy. He LOVES his wool ball !
K.S. Ohio, dog

I may have to order them Christmas presents in December! Pumpkin carried the mitten into our room the other night from downstairs, my fiancee was pretty impressed. The two of them, I have to say, have been all over my desk since I hid the extra catnip in my stationary draw. I have not seen them get as excited over other things. It was very adorable. Here's 2 pictures for you... Reggie with the carrot, Pumpkin with the mitten. :)
Amy Z

I wanted to send you a few photo's of Max and the toy you sent him. As you can see, he LOVES it!! Luckily though, he seems to love it so much, he has not destroyed it, but it is on the top of his toy basket! He likes to carry it around in his mouth to "show off" to me when I come home, it's pretty funny.
Nancy H, NY

Pam, I won one of your cat toys, the long tan stuffed, I guess you can call it a snake, because my cat thinks it's one! My cat Chloe, a rescued cat, has been having the time of her life today, ever since it got delivered. It is truly the best toy she ever had. It's simple, but she is rolling all over it and enjoying it. Thanks so much for providing my family with so many laughs today, and giving Chloe so much fun!
Carol and Chloe

We have had one tiny mouse for the longest time and decided it would be great to stock up in case of a "chatastrophy" and her one fav goes missing and we give to our other guys now too! The peace of mind your toys give, the quality and fun here is much appreciated!!! Your invoice, stamps, entire package is so great. Organic material that goes in mouths is so important! All the best with everything, much appreciation.
Candice and John

We just received our baby's catnip carrots and I felt the need to let you know how happy we are with our purchase. She absolutely loves them!! We loved how you took the time to personalize the shipment with your handwritten signature. It was also very nice that we received the free dust bunny too! Your toys are very well made and we love that they are Made In The USA!!
The toys all went over big time. I will send some more pictures as I get them. These are of my sister Sharon's cat, Ruby with snake. She guards the snake at all times. The lighter cat is Dinsdale Pirahna. He is with me. Its hard to catch him playing because as soon as he sees the camera, he plays coy. But he loves the mice and the carrots(big with the kick of death) and the Dust Bunnies were a big hit. He bats them all over the place.

Our cat Tuxy says Thanks (and... MEOW) for the wonderful blanket we received recently.
I didn't pose these pictures. He LOVES sleeping UNDER blankets -- hey he lives in an all girl household, he's entitled to be "weird"--- ha ha ha. Been wanting to send these to you, but didn't know if you'd remember me/us. Hope you enjoy them.
trudy & 20 tinypaws: tipsy, tallulah, tarzan, truffles & tootsie

Got the kitty toy you sent! Thanks! The kitties loved it! Nikki got it first and chewed and kicked the heck out of it! Then when she had enough Shadow came over and took it. He likes to throw his toys and chase them, so pics of him are just a blur, but I'll send one of Nikki enjoying her new present......then they both got drunk on catnip and wrestled and played tag for the rest of the evening! They were two tired kitties!! Hahaha!!!
Tricia, Shadow and Nikki!

My friend sent me a few pics of one of her kitties enjoying the big mouse I got them from you. Silly kitty! Note the paper has noseprints and kitty drool all over it. (yes, she took it off after that--not sure why she didn't remove the tag FIRST)? I guess she was rolling all over and around the thing on a total catnip high!

We got our woof-erful wool sweater blanket, that our momma bought us, in todays mail :) Thank woof-woof you sooo much. We LOVE it. And our woof-erful wool balls are still the best. What a woof-erful surprise. Here are some pictures, a couple of Truffles hogging the warm and cozy blanket, and a couple of pictures of Tarzan hogging it. The rest of us kids haven't had a chance to enjoy it cuz they've been hogging it :(
Tipsy, Tallulah,Tarzan, Truffles & Tootsie.

I recently purchase a catnip mouse at the Chicago Green Festival for my 16 year old Himalayan Kitty and she loves it. She doesn't seem to play much with her toys since she has gotten older but absolutely loves this organic mouse from Purrfectplay.
Thank you from Samantha & me! Susan B.

Truman Catpote loves his happy carrot and ripped the bag apart to get at the woven ball with the bell inside. So he's happy!

I took a couple of pictures of my dogs enjoying the hemp rope the other day. They like the wool balls a lot, but they LOVE the rope! I will definitely be ordering more of them. I'll likely be sending a few of my friends your way too, your products are fabulous, and the service is second to none!

Thank you, Pam! I love my wool ball.
Susan F

Here's a picture of Dipstick and the mitten - all three cats take turns playing with it. Your products are well loved at my house!!!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful toys! Introduced the "Buddy" (is that what you call it?) to her first - she loves it! (after she stretched it all out, my husband thinks it looks like an alien!) She found the eco tug before I could give it to her and loves it too! My husband tugged with her , and it is nowlonger! Saving the ball for a special day - soon!

As I told you before, Tricia sent two mice to my four babies for Christmas. They have had SO much fun with them! When Baby discovered it, he went crazy! He was rolling around biting & kicking it like crazy before going into the "catnip daze." I thought I'd share some pictures of his adventure. Again, your products are wonderful!

Here's a couple pics of our dog Morgie with the wool ball I bought from you at the women's expo in Grand Rapids earlier this winter....she hasn't been able to destroy it yet. She's panting b/c we'd been playing fetch up and down the stairs with it.

We placed our first order right before we got our Corgi pup Caden and now he is 8 months old and his tug is by far his favorite toy. His eyes light up when he sees it. It was only just recently that we left him unattended with it, that he started to chew it up, so we decided we needed to stock up and order 2 more.

Here is a picture of Toby chewing on one of the bones with his other toys around him! It looks like a setup for a photo-shoot! Lol

Was thinking of you as I played with this image of Valentina with one of her favorite toys. Her other favorite toys are the other wool balls she has!

It was hard to snap a still shot of him since he was wrestling around with the catnip for about 30 minutes. I also caught him digging through my backpack later that evening, looking for more.

Hope you are doing well! I wanted to send you a few photo's of Max and the toy you sent him. As you can see, he LOVES it!! Luckily though, he seems to love it so much, he has not destroyed it, but it is on the top of his toy basket! He likes to carry it aroundin his mouth to "show off" to me when I come home, it's pretty funny.

Thank you so much - the parcel arrived in record time - beautifully packed. These are definitely the worlds best ever cat toys. All eight adore them, from the oldest to the four little ones. I have never seen such successful cat toys. The new, fatter snake is a big hit with all of them - it has taken a bit of a bashing as they have wrestled round the room with it, but is bearing up well. They have had so much fun this evening, and are now catnipped and played out until they wake up again! The extra gifts I ordered for myself are fantastic and would make excellent gifts - I think one or two will find their way into cat loving friend's homes.
Myra (and of course Oliver, Bertha, Ginger, Dorothea, Beatrice, Alfie, Teddie and Daisy)

Our Maine Coon boy won this toy at the race to Indy TICA cat show last weekend and I just wanted to show how much both our 10 month old boy and 6 year old girl love it!! They love it so much they are already starting to tear apart the outer covering, so I may have to replace the cover soon, thats a Maine Coon for you!
Monique KL

Ha ha, he could smell the catnip the second I opened the box, he was going crazy! He wouldn't even let me unpack the toys before he was trying to climb in & pull them out himself!!!

The Dust Bunnies are so wonderful. In pursuit, he can tap them and they fly off erratically so they have a life of their own which is as close to mouse-like as we can get. PERFECT!

Here are a couple shots of our cats and their new purrfectplay products. Sorry it took so long to get them to you. Otto is the one on the wool blanket (he scrunches it up and hides toys under it) and Sylviehas the wool ball between her paws in the other one. I'm sure I'll be ordering again from you in the future.
Julie M

My cats loved all their new toys and Merlin is actually fetching the wool ball and tossing the mouse around. They keep their toys very close and I was impressed with how much they enjoyed them. They love to snuggle with their catnip beds. I am attaching some pics of the kitties playing with their new things. The collars are great and don't agitate them the way their other collars did. Thank you so much, and I might be ordering some more of those mice and balls in the near future.

I just wanted to say that I really like your products and so does my do Daisy. I am sure we will buy more stuff in the future. I am attaching 2 pictures of Daisy using the collar and ball that we got. Super soft and I am sure the ball is already a favorite. I actually threw away the plastic toys she had from before. I have been wanting to get organic/dye-free products for a long time.
Jenny in Alaska w. dog Daisy.

Hello Pam, and thanks for the extra toy with my order! My two dogs like them both. They are playing tug every day with them. :o) I think the new tug rope is great. It actually seem to last a little better than the one in wool.

I had no idea that anyone ever read my reviews on Amazon. I'm so happy that my review of another dog toy sent people to you! I'm chemically sensitive, so I'm afraid I usually only review products to warn people that something has a strong smell or may not be for sensitive people. I love supporting small (and growing!) organically-oriented businesses, so from now onI'm going to make sure to write more positive reviews too. Your online store was such a great find.

I wanted to send you this picture of my recently adopted cat, Tidus. For Christmas I bought him the snake and big mouse because my other cats really enjoy them. He loves the snake! He rolls around with it and then decides to start to kick it with his back paws.

I have both catnip snakes: the long and thin one (i.e. the white one) and the chubby one. I don't think the white snake is too large or too long. I have a somewhat medium-size cat (Roland)--he's 2.5 years old and about 11 pounds, and he loves it (see attached photos). I got the chubby snake for my larger cat (also in the photo), and they like this one too, but to be honest it's the basic white snake that is their favorite, as it's easier for them to envelop and bend. I got one for my sister's cat who has taken to sleeping on it. In fact I think I'll need to order my cats another one soon, as they've pounded the stuffing out of the old one! And by the way, the small brown fleece mouse is definitely a favorite for my cats as well. Thanks for the great products!

Just wanted to let you know that the parcel arrived on Thursday and I'm very pleased with my purchases. My cat loves the blanket, took to it instantly, and has been sleeping on it since. My dog loves the cotton rope tug. The stuffed bone was unfortunately ripped open in less than 10 minutes, but my dog is an extremely strong chewer so I don't find any fault with the product. She chews apart nylon bones, so fabric toys usually don't stand a chance. That's why I'm so impressed with the cotton rope; she hasn't destroyed that yet even thoughshe plays with it a lot.Thanks, Pam. I'm glad I found your business.

This is by far the most durable toy I have ever seen. It has outlasted every single other store bought and homemade toy that I have given my 60lb dog Maya. She loves it and continues to play with it day in and day out, yet she cannot destroy it no matter how hard she tries. I plan to to buy her a new one every year...not becuase she needs it but because she deserves it
C. P., Boulder, CO

Here is the picture of Alexi trying, in vain, to lick his way into the package from Purrfect Play. I believe it was Christmas 2006. Again, Thank you.
Bob and Karen, Alexi, Boris and Natasha (3 very satisfied customers)

Here is Mr. Molson II enjoying his organic mouse! thank you
Betty D

Oreo loves it. We have 4 other kitties and they all seem to really like playing with this mouse. Keep up the good work!

As you can see from picture I attached, Mojo wasted no time in going to town on the new kitty toy that I brought home. I took quite a few pictures, but this one was by far the most comical. She later moved on to her original brown mouse -- the one I brought back from the Colorado expo. I have to admit that I'm glad my cat is still so playful at the age of nine.

Sending a photo of our 13 wk old Pom/Maltese mixwith his favorite toy. Kip actually stole it from our cats for whom we bought it for last Christmas. Looks like I'll have to get more for the cats now because I don't believe he'll be giving this one back anytime soon!
Ann, Wilmington NC

Our package just arrived and all I can say is I am so excited to have found your company online. Reggie LOVES the mitten. Pumpkin LOVES the chase balls. She was carrying one around which is something she has not done since we first brought her home! Down to the little knots on the carrots, these toys are exquisitely crafted and so unique.

I recently bought a fish charm and a catnip mouse from you at your booth in the North Carolina Expo. My Himalayan, Pookie, LOVES them! I could only get pictures of her with the charm because she hid the mouse from the dog! All of the cats appreciated the catnip sample you gave me too...:)
Amara W

Our cats love your toys. A few years ago your cat toys came to our attention and we ordered two large catnip mice and a catnip snake. The catnip snake has been a particular hit with our cats. Over the last couple of months one of our cats passed away and we adopted a friend's cat as our own. We thought it would be a good time to get another catnip snake. When the toys showed up, one of the 3 cats was all over the priority mail box. After I opened the box, Beast, the one male, immediately grabbed the small catnip mouse and started walking around with it in his mouth. I didn't even have a chance to remove the tag! As always, the catnip snake was the biggest hit. It has been so long since we have seen a new catnip snake we had forgotten what it originally looked like after years of kitty-cat abuse and slobber. The love to sleep on it, lick it, drool on it, grab it and back-leg kick it.

We bought 2 Combo chase ball packages. The cats decided that the wool ping pongs are for fast games, the cotton dust bunnies are for dusting under the furniture and the wool dust bunnies are for playing fetch. Our 6 month old Espresso Tabby thinks that he made up the game and taught it to me. Since he is the one we really need to tire out every day, I am ordering 12 more so I only need to gather them up on cleaning day. Thank you for your wonderful, safe toys!
Connie, Wayne, and kitties Reggie & Emme

Just wanted to let you know that our wolf/german shepherd hybrid, Ludo loves her new ball! She has a rope toy that she's indifferent to and she had another toy made of wool scraps that she tore to pieces in just one day. So far her purrfect ball seems to be holding up well. She pounces on it just like a cat and carries it everywhere. It's such a fun toy that we even caught our cat playing with it one day despite the fact that it's a jumbo sized ball and our cat is usually only interested in feathers. I guess we'll just have to order one for the cat eventually as well. Thanks so much for making such a great product.

My two kitties were thrilled with their first order from Purrfectplay in January: they knew the moment that I brought the mail into the house that the box was for them! It was so fun to open it with them on either side of me; they just couldn't wait to see what was inside. Thank you for the gift of the wool ping pong and wool bunny; I regularly put them away in the toy corner only to find them in new spots all the time. And who knew that the favorite toy that came in the box would be the string that tied the pad of luxury up! My 16 year old orange tabby especially likes her catnip carrot and sleeps with it like a pillow, however she has licked it to death and so we will order the mitten toy this time. Thank you for your organic, natural toys for kitties!

We just received our baby's catnip carrots and I felt the need to let you know how happy we are with our purchase. She absolutely loves them!! We loved how you took the time to personalize the shipment with your handwritten signature. It was also very nice that we received the free dust bunny too! Your toys are very well made and we love that they are Made In The USA!! Thank You!!
Thank you for making such clean, safe and beautiful products for pets. I ordered a variety of your kitty chase toys for Christmas. I must confess that they are for our Chihuahua-Poodle mixes. One happens to love catnip (yes, believe it or not), and the other is obsessed with playing fetch and catch. They are the perfect size for our 6 pound little guys, and they are having so much fun with their new toys. I am especially grateful and relieved to offer organic materials for them to play with. The fact that they are made in the USA instead of overseas is a plus too. The quality is just beautiful.

B.G., Ontario, Canada
I can't tell you how many times I have tried to buy toys , and had to give up because there was always something wrong with them. Either there was glitter on them, or toxic colours or metal parts or pieces that could come off if they were chewed. With your toys I can rest easy.

Chris, NY, NY
Our new kitten just loves the ping pongs, cotton bunnies, and large wool ball. She is fully entertained with all 3 types of balls and we are glad that she has a healthy alternative to the cheap junk sold at the pet stores. We can not be happier with your products! Thanks again

Daniel, Santa Cruz, CA
My wife and I had gotten your toys for our cats before and they love them. We decided to send some to the cats that live with our son Jon and his girlfriend Mandy. The cats are both just over kittens and are named Stanley and Madeline. While they both love the toys, Stanley wants to control them all and sleeps on top of them so Madeline can't get to them. Apparently Stanley's favorite is the wool ball. He will chase it around, then grab it and toss it up in the air to catch it again. While all the cats love them I am amazed at the quality of the toys. We have a ball that our cats have been playing with for over a year. They have never managed to rip any of the seams and I think they would have taken down a buffalo by now. Anyway, they told me they could have done it. Keep making the great products and our pets will make us keep buying them.

S.M., NC
OMG, happy cats, CARAZY cats!! Our shipment came today around 11AM and I am seeing pairs of kitties that usually do not play well together having a BLAST! I am already making a list of the 'favorites' for the next order!

Al, Carolyn, and the Kitties
I want to thank you so much for the wonderful toys and I know that my furry children will enjoy them for along time. I will definitely be ordering the snakes for them when Kalie gets a little bigger. Once again, thank you for making such a wonderful product that my cats really do enjoy.

A. A., Texas
Purchasing natural fiber toys that are durable and made by environmentally conscious individuals who care about the safety and well-being of my family members is important to me. I presented the large wool ball to my canine companion Renshu over a year ago and it is still intact! That is incredible considering that he is an aggressive chewer who has destuffed expensive toys from the local "pet" store in a matter of minutes. Whether we're engaged in interactive play or he's engaged in passive play, he has never lost interest in the toy.

Bret Glass, founder of Cattress Mattress
I absolutely love your stuff. My Toy Poodle Muffin loves your wool balls. My cats Caroline, Onyx, Maple, Indigo, & Max love your dust bunnies & wool balls!

We got the new blanket and it is indeed bright and cheerful. Now we own two of your beautiful blankets and both of our boys can stretch out all they want.
Art and Kay, Nevada

We received our first wool ball as a gift. Had it forever and now my new puppy thinks it is her favorite toy. These are awesome!
Taylor, Nevada

Charlie and his cousin have had their Happy Carrots for about 3 1/2 years. They have lasted longer than any toy I have purchased for cats. I love that the fabric is natural, and the product is safe. CHARLIE Loves his Happy Carrot. He has played with it for countless hours, and it doubles as a pillow when play time is over. Recently he was sick for a few weeks, and I would find him very often in his bed hugging his carrot, which he does now most of the time at nap time. Thanks for giving Charlie and his cousin Taffy hours of fun.
Pam, Indiana

I met you at the vegetarian food festival today. I was the one with the three-year-old cat named Weezie. Well, I had to email you to tell you that he went insane the moment I walked in the house--he could smell the catnip from across the room and ran right over and pawed at my purse. He loved the mouse and has been playing with it for 30 minutes straight!
Mary & Weezie, Boston

Zoe loves this toy! Better yet, after hours and hours of chewing and tugging the Hemp Flyer is holding up better than any other toy she has ever played with. There is not a single puncture, tear or anything. Even thick rope and heavy nylon toys get ripped up pretty quickly with her chewing, but not this thing! Hemp is tough!
Meadowwood Garden

This toy instantly rose to Kelly's favorite. She carried it around for days and even lugs it up to bed with her. Something about the shape is very appealing to her. When she carries it in her mouth, it looks like a giant smile!
Peggy and Kelly

My Yin loves, loves, loves the cotton dust bunnies that you sent in the last package. So much so that now I can't find them. So, I have to order more for her! Thanks so much for such great products!
Yin's Mom, Elgin, IL

We are just thrilled with the products we received. The Wooly Dust Bunnies in particular are the greatest! My 3 kittens absolutely love batting them around and stealing them from one another. They help to keep them occupied and out of trouble and I NEVER want to be without some of these things lying around! And the kittens are starting to play and have fun with the smallest catnip mouse I bought too. I gave one dust bunny and one fleece mouse to my daughter for her 2 grown up cats, and they loved them too! Please don't ever stop making these wonderful products!
S.H., Maryland

Lyric and Melody send you their (unconditional) love, with lots of purrs, for all the great work you do making natural toys for them and all the cats and dogs who are best companions and helpers for their human pets.
What a wonderful store you have! My brother, John, gets his cat, Dinsdale, your products, and sent my boxer puppy, Peyton, a big plush bone for Christmas.....She adores it. When she first received it, it was almost as big as she, but no problem she still loved it, and as you can tell by the pictures, she's grown right into it. I love the fact that it's organic, and you're almost local for me, so I will be ordering more things from you for sure. Thanks so much

As usual, the catnip mice and the catnip were a huge hit on Christmas. Not just with the cats, either. Their antics entertained us all day. Your catnip toys are the very best I have ever found in over 50 years of being owned by cats. The one drawback about them is that I can never discard any of the old mice. Once the cats have "tenderized" them, they seem to become even more desireable. Apparently, like fine wine, the older the better.

Comfort Plus, and it is sooooo soft and just look at how it matches my golden color!!! Mommy covered me up in my new bed when the weather got chilly, otherwise, I just like to lay on it flat, knowing Mommy got it for me! Well, the carrot toys are fun to play with, but that big cat nip thing!! well, I haven't quite figured it out yet, it is soft, sometimes I just rest my head on it! I am all about comfort with a big 'C'!!!!!

I bought the small basic bone with squeaker from Purrfect Play for my puppy maltese Lou-Lou. She adores adores it. You also sent as gift the organic cotton braided tug toy, which she also adores! I've had to put it in the washer a couple of times, since she carries it everywhere she goes. Of all her toys, these are her favorite!

I needed to spend a moment and tell you about how much my Abbie loves her wool ball! Abbie is a rescued collie who has trauma to her teeth from her former life. She won't chew on bones and will not play with toys. My daughter bought one of your balls at the Renegade Art Fair in Chicago. Let me tell you, she won't let the thing out of her sight, carries it from room to room and even plays with it herself when we're not playing with her. She is just comical and oh so happy to have something that doesn't hurt her sore mouth. Just had to let you know that you made one collie very, very happy!
K.K., Green Bay, WI

When we first got the organic catnip snakes, they were a HUGE hit. They're not as pretty now (kind of broken in), but I occasionally wash the outer shell. They still get a lot of use and are a favorite toy that rarely leaves the floor. Pretty much it only gets put away for vacuuming and then a cat drags it back out for play.
S. S., Indianapolis

When I get home from work, I am met by cats demanding canned food, so feeding them is the first thing I do. Then I look at the mail, and today I opened the package from you, removed a small mouse, and put it on the floor. The cats left their beloved canned food to play with the mouse, not just for a moment or two, but for a long time. The food sat on the plate ignored. I know of no better endorsement of a cat toy than that!
Brenda & her four cats

We are two former street cats from Sri Lanka and Thailand living with a researcher and her photographer husband in Thailand. We wanted to say how much we love the snake and mouse from your catnip collection. We love to rub ourselves on it, but especially we love to hug them and kick them. One of us is a bit aggressive (Tomomi, the Sri Lankan cat - female) and needs to get her aggression out and the snake is the best thing for that! It has saved many human hands from being shredded already. We don't normally like catnip, but we salivated for hours when our owner brought the snake back from Berkeley, California, a year ago. The snake became totally wet and smelled even stronger of catnip so we went even wilder. She brought the mouse back in May this year (both purchased at Holistic Hound in Berkeley, CA) and we love that too. We are small cats (typical of Asian cats) and so the brown mouse is quite big for us, but it's great because we can also kick it like the snake.
Many meows from Tomomi and Bandit, Bangkok, Thailand

The dust bunnies have been carried around in the mouth of one kitty, tossed gleefully into the air by the soft paws of another, and one is being used as a pillow as I type. What fantastic products you offer!
Lizz W. and the Herd-O-Cats

Just had to tell you -- the catnip snake came today. I was going to put it up and give it to my kitties on an upcoming "gotcha" day. It was in my backpack and as soon as I put it down, both kitties attached it. Neither one is particularly crazy about catnip, but this must be some awesome nip. They licked, rubbed, rabbit kicked and generally had a great time with it. Great product.
V.P. and her kitties BellaWink and Siminole

I wanted to let you know our kitties, Otto and Sylvie, LOVE everything: the large mice, small mice, mini carrot, dust bunnies and blanket. Thank you for doing customs colors for me on the blanket. It is wonderful, matches great in the room and I've received many compliments on it. It turned out beautiful. Thanks again for your wonderful products - it's obvious a lot of TLC goes into them.
Julie, Michigan

Just wanted to let you know your catnip is very popular here at home. Our 3 cats all love it, and it is extremely fresh and soft,not dried out. I also love the recycling/re-use suggestion for the bag to grow another favorite,cat grass. I thank you, and my cats thank you for having such a good quality. I will definitely order from you again!
Sonja, Sukiboo, Mr. Naboo & Hairy Pawter

Our greyhound normally balls stuff up and pushes her bedding out of the way. We bought a wool pet blanket from Purrfectplay and she loves it! At night, she will go into the bedroom, I'll go in and cover her up, and she sighs a nice, deep, contented sigh and snuggles in even more.
Natasha, Westland, MI

I really enjoy the versatility of my leash pouches. I use one to hold my cell phone, small notebook and pen (for 'portable office use') and the other as a 'leash pouch' when walking my pups for dog treats, poop bags, keys and pepper spray. They hold the items securely, but also provide easy access and are very light weight. They can securely clip onto pant loops, leashes or anything that takes a clip. They are distinctive and made with beautiful, colorful recycled sweater material.
Heidi, Anchorage, Alaska

My cat Chloe, a rescued cat, has been having the time of her life today, ever since your long stuffed snake got delivered. It is truly the best toy she ever had. It's simple, but she is rolling all over it and enjoying it. Thanks so much for providing my family with so many laughs today, and giving Chloe so much fun!
Carol D., New Jersey

Our dog Santos has never been too big on toys but I don't know what it is about your dog ball,--she really loves it & it ends up in my bed half of the time because that's her favorite spot! Today when my Mom visited, she brought the ball in mouth to play!! She's never done that before!
Jamaise @ Wishing Penny

I wish I had known about you before I lost my other feline roommate - her exposure to toxins eventually caused liver failure. But the toys I ordered last week arrived in no time and my li'l Clarice Had a BLAST playing with them. And I have the satisfaction of knowing her toys are safe for her. After playing with them, she was so exhausted she crashed on the bag one of the toys was shipped in! Thanks for creating such awesome products for our animals.
C.C., Duluth, GA

My dogs LOVE these hemp ropes, especially my one year old giant puppy. I go through them pretty quickly, but it saves my house, so I'm happy! Thanks for a wonderful product.
Tamara, Calgary, AB, Canada

We received the toys today. Our miniature poodle has been playing nonstop with one of the wool balls for the past half hour. I've never seen him so excited about a toy before! He loves to play, but the way he took to the ball, let us know that he really thinks these are something special!
R.K., Waukegan, IL

The Chubby snake is the best cat toy I have ever found! The cover material is very soft, but so durable that it seems to be indestructible. And it has transformed my 7 year old male cat into a kitten again. He gets so excited about playing with the big snake that it inspires him to run and play more than he has in years. Thank you for making a safe, fun, eco-friendly toy that both my cat and I appreciate!
Jeanne, Chicago

I met you at the Plymouth, MI Green Street Fair last weekend. You gave us a wool ball for our Ibizan Hound after I mentioned that she has destroyed 'indestructible' toys within minutes of getting them. I gave her the woolen ball and she has yet to even put a dent in it! She loves playing with and will bring it to throw for her. If I'm busy, she'll 'throw' it for herself and chase it around. She loves it! And again, she hasn't managed to kill it yet. Impressive!!
Natasha, Westland, MI

Thank you so much for providing a safe alternative to all of those toys out there that could hurt my kitty. There are never any detachable eyes or limbs, or dangerous materials. I love your company. The silk/hemp collars are the best.
Emily, Ohio.

My cat Chance absolutely loves your toys. He has a big fish that we pack all of his toys into and he will go into it himself and pick out his mitten, carrot, or mouse. I can't wait to see his reaction to the snake this Christmas. It always makes for a good morning and priceless pictures. Thank you!!!
Jamie, Tinley Park, IL

Received my 2 items a few days ago .... our 9 year old Cocker Spaniel mix, Jenny, (rescued 2 years ago) absolutely loves the sweater "blanket of many colors" and her new sleeping pad! I immediately noticed she stopped coughing, which she was doing almost constantly on her cedar fluffy beds. Thank you for being there to order these great products from!
Kathleen, Kent, WA

Molly likes to nibble on her toys. She can nibble away to her heart's content on the cotton tug and it is still intact.
M. A., British Columbia

My dog Fancy is writing to tell you she really loves her new small tug toy! We say thank you very very much! The new tug is so nice and stretchy and easy to sink your teeth into!
Eva K., Woodbury, MN.

I love making my canine companion, Happy, H-A-P-P-Y! And that's exactly what he's been since receiving his Tug Toy from PurrfectPlay. He's three and doesn't usually like to play with toys (unless they're edible) but he is definitely into this one. He loves it and even takes it to bed with him at night. How cute is that!
Laura Bruzas, editor/publisher

The package arrived today. Your toys are beautifully crafted and Tacoma is really enjoying them. I can tell these toys are made by special people with a special purpose in mind. My reason for seeking toys like these is from a long trial and error period we've recently gone through of Tacoma getting a swollen tongue on three different occasions, which I am convinced now that it was from the chemicals/dyes in his old toys that he would carry in his mouth. It means a lot to me as a pet owner that there are people like you thinking about the health and safety of our furry loved ones.
Krystle P., Vermont

Jack and Isis are the joy of our lives... They both LOVE the mouse and Isis likes to chase and fetch the woolen balls! The silky hemp collar looks great on Isis! I dyed the plain hemp collar for Jack with a tea bag to match his tan underbelly.

Thank you so much - the parcel arrived in record time - beautifully packed. These are definitely the world's best ever cat toys. All eight adore them, from the oldest to the four little ones. I have never seen such successful cat toys.
M.C., Oxford, England

I just love the pad of luxury! My owner put the pad on top of my favorite chair. I snuggle on it practically the whole day (except when she takes me to the garden). The catnip inside the pad is great. I really like rubbing my face all over it. I love what the catnip does to my disposition too. I seem to get along better with my little sister, Pumpkin! My owner likes the fact that she can take the cover off to wash it. The only problem being that I'm always on the pad so she has to move me (usually to the kitty condo). Thank you Purrfectplay for making this wonderful Pad of Luxury.
Kitty, IL

We have two spunky Jack Russel Terriers and we have had them literally take down toys in minutes! Your wool ball is the only toy we have ever had that is still 100% intact after several months. We play catch every day. It is wonderful knowing that the fibers won't poison or get lodged in my doggies' tummy!
Lisa Biddle, founder/owner of Isabella's Dream

We received the large white catnip mouse yesterday, and our cat Francesca immediately took to it and has been even sleeping with it ever since. What a wonderful toy. She is really enjoying it. Thank you so much!!!
JJ, Saline, MI

I recently purchase a catnip mouse at the Chicago Green Festival for my 16 year old Himalayan Kitty and she loves it. She doesn't seem to play much with her toys since she has gotten older but absolutely loves this organic mouse from Purrfectplay. Thank you from Samantha & me!
Susan B.

Last year we bought one of your balls for our dog at the Green Festival, and he just loves it! Findlay plays with it all the time.
Amy, Chicago

We received the dozen wool balls and distributed them to the crew. Our most notorious ball crazed dachshund "Wilson" has not turned it loose for any length of time. He carries it everywhere and tosses it in the air, chews on it, pulls on it and is in love with it. I have inspected it and am glad to say that with "ALL" the attention the ball has gotten it is in great shape. Toys of any sort, balls included usually don't last very long and some within minutes are toast. Thank you for taking your time to create a unique and awesome toy for ball crazed dogs!!
Gloria LaTour

I bought 2 of the mice toys and the snake toy for my 3 cats and they absolutely LOVE them! From the second I put them down on the floor until I took it away from them; they would not leave them alone!
T.M., Cranston, RI

Beemer my 7lb Dachshund could and will destroy any toy sometimes within 20 minutes. Your wool balls are great and after 24 hours the ball is 100 percent intact. I thought that she would never play with a ball or toy without a squeaker, but you proved my wrong. I have not seen her so excited about a toy in a long time.
S.H., Bossier City, LA

I bought a wool ball for our three Basset Hounds last week, and it's their favorite toy ever!!
A.S., Chelsea, MI

Our corgi puppy was given the medium bone and wool ball for Christmas. They are Brett's very favorite toys. He has chewed most of the outer covering on the bone, but the inside is fully intact so far. They wash up beautifully and he sleeps with his bone. Thank you so much for your wonderful products.
M. J., Minnesota

I just wanted to tell you what a great time my dog is having with the cat toys, yeah I said dog! We got the toys in the mail 2 days after I ordered them and the dog took to the wool balls immediately. I will probably have to order more toys for the cats, now that my mother's dog has slobbered all over them. The cats have been playing with the adorable mice that we bought, they love to bat them back and forth to each other. I was so excited with your packaging, since I can compost it all! Thanks for really thinking about the environment in everything that you do.
Abigail C, Germantown, TN

My cat Pookie never plays with anything but she went bonkers over the catnip snake (or sausage as I call it). she holds it next to her head, bites it, kicks it and loves it. She lays on it like a pillow. Thanks for making safe toys for cats!
M. Bailey, Tallahassee, FL

We received as a gift one large mouse for our three cats in England to share. However, this concept of sharing has failed spectacularly and we find we need to buy more mice! I've been around cats my entire life; however, I have NEVER seen cats respond so strongly to catnip as they do to yours! This evening, my cats tried to rip open a bag of coffee because it was stored in the same cupboard as the catnip mouse! Amazing!
Lisa and family, Oxford, UK

I'm so glad your company exists. I love watching my cats wrestle with their catnip snake toy, and here are some pictures of my dogs Lucy (German Shepherd / Lab mix) and Par (Akita) enjoying their jumbo wool balls. Note how each starts out with their own ball, then Lucy makes a bid,for total control but Par ends up with both (his foot is covering one in the last pic). Lucy loves her tennis ball over all else, but it is not a good indoor toy, and the wool ball has saved us many times when it was too rainy to play with her outside. Your cat and dog toys have gotten 100% rave reviews from friends to whom I've given them as gifts, too. Even after moving to Portland, OR, I have not found any products quite like yours. Thank you for making toys we can feel good about giving to the animals we love.
Sandra, Portland, OR

I received the catnip yesterday. Thanks again. I just wanted to share with you a picture of one of my ferals, Amigo, - enjoying your toys.
Y.P., Chicago, IL

My new kitty, Dove, exhibited repetitive stress behavior by compulsively licking anything & everything for a couple months. She's become much more relaxed & comfortable now & doesn't do the licking much anymore, but for a while it was really excessive. I worried about her ingesting lead from paint and chemicals from things like varnish. It was really helpful to have your little organic fleece mouse as an alternative distraction for her. It's been really surprising to me how attached to it she's become.
M.C., Fort Collins, CO

Hello, Sending a photo of our 13 wk old Pom/Maltese mix with his favorite toy. Kip actually stole it from our cats for whom we bought it for last Christmas. Looks like I'll have to get more for the cats now because I don't believe he'll be giving this one back anytime soon!
A.H., Wilmington NC

Holly loves the dog wool ball, it has become her favorite, and I am happy for that, since I know it is safe. She also likes the bone, and the hemp rope you sent her. I think your company is wonderful. Keep up the good work!
B.C., Fairlawn, NJ

Our three cats love your organic cotton catnip snake. They nearly tore apart my bag to get at it when we brought it home. It is their favorite toy. They even cuddle up with it and sleep with it! Thank-you for making a durable, organic, eco-responsible product. Purrs to you!
Jeffrey and Peggy (and Charles, William, and Matisse), cat

I have a huge basket of toys for my dog and the foster dogs but day after day, the wool balls are the first to come out of the basket and the last to go in - they LOVE those!! My dog stands at the top of the stairs and "throws" it down and watches it until it gets to the bottom and then chases it madly! She has a rubber ball that you would think would be more exciting to do this with but obviously not, the wool ball rules!
C.B., Laguna Niguel, CA

Your leash pouch is a great idea! It provides the perfect way to carry dog walking essentials such as a cell phone, keys, cash, business cards, a poop bag, etc. (I live in DC so mine also comes in handy for carrying pepper spray, a mini-flash light, and a whistle!). Furthermore, I love that it's made out of recycled wool sweaters! Functional. Earth-friendly. Creative. Stylish. Not only do I have one, but it's on my list of gift ideas for the other avid dog-walkers I know!

I ordered a few kitty goodies from you site a few months ago and my kitties just love them! Even my 15 year old calico gets excited and turns into a little playful kitten when I get the long catnip snake out for her. She won't let the young ones near it!!
Nancy, Louisville, KY

Last May you came to the Boulder Creek Festival and we bought a small mouse, a big mouse, and a ball. The small mouse has been a favorite toy every single day since then. Our audrey claimed it as her own and asks for it in the morning and before bed time. The other kitties share the ball and the big mouse. All the toys have held up well and we will be getting more! Please come back to Boulder. Pogo is almost 17 and it's great to see him at such vigorous play!
Lorienne and Fred and Pogo, Magi, and Audrey

I have cats and they absolutely loved the toys I ordered, I bought the balls last week which they smacked around the hardwood floors but I have to say the snake is such a favorite that I am getting three more and sharing your web site with my friends! We do a lot of cat rescue and are therefore always trying out new toys. I particularly like yours because they are made from such safe and natural products, Thank you very much !
J.S., Pasadena, CA

Absolutely my cat's favorite toy (wool ball)--he ALWAYS has it close by!!
V.L., Golden, Colorado

Our cat MoonRay usually does not go for catnip (silly girl) but found yours to be among the best in terms of results...she enjoyed the treat for hours and has become her favorite toy. Keep up the good work.
S.H., Maine

We were afraid that our Akita, Kona, would chew up the wool ball, but with a month of constant play it hasn't been damaged a bit. Kona's favorite playmate is our 5 year old son, Alec, but her new wool ball is a close runner up.....thank you!
Mike, Linda & Alec, Indiana

I met you last Sunday at the Boulder Creek Festival, and bought one of the kitty snakes from you. When I arrived home my cat Redford began sniffing at my suitcase before I could even unpack it. I realized that the snake was in there, so I got it out and gave him his present from Mommy's trip. All I can say is that my fiance and I were doubled over with laughter at him for about twenty minutes. He went absolutely insane over it. I will definitely order more toys for my boy in the future!
C.H., Denver

I love my wool ball! I've played with it every day for over a month and no matter what I do, I can't tear it apart! Thank you for making an indestructible toy!
JP & Liz (and of course, Griffin)

I picked up the 'snake' for my cats this weekend at Chesterton's European Market and I just wanted to say Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!!! Our three fuzzy kids absolutely LOVE it! I've never seen them react to a toy like this. My husband and I have a little joke going because, literally, one of the cats is always laying on it or next to it and we give each other reports as to who it is at that moment. I will definitely be investing in more Purrfect Play toys in the future!
J.G., Indiana

Frazer has eaten every other ball within 15 minutes. He has been holding this ball in his paws and chewed on it for the last 3 weeks and only a little piece is missing. They're great!
P.B., Indiana

The brown mouse has been THE FAVORITE toy of all three of our cats for a year!
B.M., Arizona

I just wanted to tell you that Oreo loved her toy!!! That mouse is the only thing that she has played with since I gave it to her.
N.G., Indiana

Thank you VERY much for the cat toys. We LOVE them! In fact - our owners, Tom and Nell, can't keep up with us. We whine until they find where we put them.
Micki, Winki and Sonny, Indiana

The kitties at my house LOVE their Purrfectplay felt balls! The wool component makes them especially appealing without the 'ick' factor of fur or feather toys. Thank you for making such wonderful products.
E.C., Indiana

My darling rescue toy poodle Valentina, can't get enough of your enticing wool balls. Her toothless mouth loves the feel! She chases them endlessly, and plays until she exhausts herself. Then, she curls up with one to take her nap! This is a huge breakthrough, as until now she's rejected every ball I've presented to her, even soft rubber ones. She clearly loves the smell and feel of your wonderful organic wool balls. Thanks for your healthful, fun, and well made products.
N.M., San Francisco

I enjoyed visiting your booth at the Green Festival in D.C., and my kitties were even more thrilled when I brought home the mice and catnip snake. That snake is perfect for the 'Death Kick' (holding with front paws and kicking with the back paws). It is so much fun to watch that I had to order 4 more snakes to give to my 'cat mom' friends for Christmas!
Jessica D., Springfield, VA

I purchased a catnip snake from you at the Fair for my two cats. They love things like that! I brought it back to the B&B where I was staying. The B&B has two resident cats, but the owners told me that their cats had never really shown any interest in catnip. I left the bag containing the snake in my room when I left the next day to return to the Fair. When I got back to the B&B that night, I was surprised to discover that the paper bag containing the snake had been shredded, and that the snake was missing! We searched a little bit, and eventually found the snake stashed under an armchair in my room. We also figured out who the culprit was when he later returned to the scene of the crime. So much for not being interested! Because I wanted the snake to make it to my house in one piece, I left it in the car for the rest of the weekend, where I KNEW the cats wouldn't be able to get it!
Jenny, Wisconsin

This wool ball is by far the most durable toy I have ever seen. It has outlasted every single other store bought and homemade toy that I have given my 60lb dog Maya. She loves it and continues to play with it day in and day out, yet she cannot destroy it no matter how hard she tries. I plan to to buy her a new one every year...not because she needs it but because she deserves it
C. P., Boulder, CO

Tyché is almost blind, and has a hard time keeping track of most of his toys, but the catnip must be very strong in your toys, and the wool must be very fragrant, because I see the toys all over the house, indicating he has found and played with them. I can't thank you enough for making quality, organic products.
Carla, Tucson, AZ

This order will make four balls I've gotten. Maggie loves them but so did her older sister when we went to visit her and play ball with her. Lucy loved Maggie's ball so much, we let her keep it. Lucy's family tells me it's her favorite toy and she plays with it all the time.
P.S., Midlothian, VA

Just wanted to write and say how much my cat, Chance, loves his toys from PurrfectPlay! He has had one of the wool balls since last summer when I bought one at the European Market, and he loves to play with it in the bathtub! I put the plug in the drain so the ball doesn't get stuck, and he will chase it around in there forever! He also got the Sherpa mouse for Christmas and likes to kick it up into the air. We will definitely be return customers! thanks!
Shauna, Porter County, IN

We LOVE the Purrfect Play toys for our little critters! Our puppy, Zoe, is especially crazy about the squeaky felt balls and the Earth-Dog Rope bone. I feel good giving my pets these toys knowing that they are safe from pesticides and other harmful chemicals and the best part is, once Zoe tears apart the bits of wool and hemp, I throw them into the compost! So the toys are good for the environment, my dog, AND my garden!
Candace, Mark, Minster, Sophie, Simba, Daja, and Zoe, Terre Haute, IN

From the second we took it out of the bag our cat was crazy about it - she's been carrying it around in her mouth for the last 48 hours (longer, I must say, than any toy she's ever played with!)
Anne and Melissa, Indianapolis, IN

Maggie loves her two new wool balls she just received. They bounce so well. I wish you could see this eight month old, seven pound puppy jumping in the air and skidding across the floor to catch them. We've spent a good amount of time playing with them, tossing them in the air, bouncing them off the wall, rolling them on the floor. She drops every toy when she sees me with the wool ball in my hand. Thank you for making such a durable, safe and fun ball for her to enjoy for a long, long, time to come. Your delivery was super fast, too.
P. S., Midlothian, VA