Chubby Catnip Snake

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IF your cat is BIG and loves to kick, this MAY be the toy for him or her.  BUT... if your kitty is weighs less than 12 pounds and/or is young, this might be too much catnip.  

14 inches long -   3 inches in diameter - Weighing in at 8 ounces!  

*** As much as we would like to sell you catnip toys-- sometimes a kitty can have "too much of a good thing".  Often cats like smaller catnip toys.  Having a few quality catnip toys is great BUT,  if you have too many, your cat may not experience catnip as a novelty and ignore their toys.  Just a little advice.   

  • A great catnip toy for a BIG cat who loves to kick
  • 4 cups of fragrant certified organic catnip
  • Extra organic cotton added for a huggable toy
  • Outer organic cotton sleeve removable for washing
  • Inner catnip filled sleeve can be hand cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Sturdy natural hemp ties
  • Available in thick white organic fleece or natural organic denim
  • Consider the size of your kitty-- this much catnip can overwhelm a small cat
  • Don't forget supervision is always a good idea with any pet toy
  • Not designed as a children's toy

Made in the USA (Indiana)

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