Chubby Catnip Snake

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This is our biggest cat toy-- it weighs almost a pound!  IF your cat is BIG and loves to kick, this MAY be the toy for him or her.  BUT... if your kitty is weighs less than 12 pounds and/or is young, this might be too much catnip.  

More is not always better, too much catnip may be overwhelming for some kitties or they may just sleep on the toy.  Play is what we are hoping for!  

  • A great catnip toy for a BIG cat who loves to kick
  • 4 cups of fragrant certified organic catnip
  • Extra organic cotton added for a huggable toy
  • Outer organic cotton sleeve removeable for washing
  • Inner catnip filled sleeve can be hand cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Sturdy hemp ties
  • Available in thick white organic fleece or natural organic denim
  • Consider the size of your kitty-- this much catnip can overwhelm a small cat

Made in the USA (Indiana)


What our customers say:

I enjoyed visiting your booth at the Green Festival in D.C., and my kitties were even more thrilled when I brought home the mice and catnip snake. That snake is perfect for the 'Death Kick' (holding with front paws and kicking with the back paws). It is so much fun to watch that I had to order 4 more snakes to give to my 'cat mom' friends for Christmas!
Jessica D., Springfield, VA
I picked up the 'snake' for my cats this weekend at Chesterton's European Market and I just wanted to say Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!!! Our three fuzzy kids absolutely LOVE it! I've never seen them react to a toy like this. My husband and I have a little joke going because, literally, one of the cats is always laying on it or next to it and we give each other reports as to who it is at that moment. I will definitely be investing in more Purrfect Play toys in the future!
J.G., Indiana
I met you last Sunday at the Boulder Creek Festival, and bought one of the kitty snakes from you. When I arrived home my cat Redford began sniffing at my suitcase before I could even unpack it. I realized that the snake was in there, so I got it out and gave him his present from Mommy's trip. All I can say is that my fiance and I were doubled over with laughter at him for about twenty minutes. He went absolutely insane over it. I will definitely order more toys for my boy in the future!
C.H., Denver
My cats still love the Chubby Catnip Snake (kitty kicker, as we call it)! It's the perfect size, and durable! I tend to rotate their toys, store them in bags with catnip and swap them occasionally to keep them novel for my pets, but the chubby catnip snake stays out 24/7/365 (although moved to different areas/rooms/etc.) because they never tire of it! I don't know how long I've had it (several years, I'm guessing) and they still love it! Thanks for offering such safe, quality, attractive, reasonably-priced, and desirable products!
Elizabeth, Minnesota