Catnip/ Catnip Toys



Finding safe, fun, and natural cat toys is not easy!  Most toys are still made in China from bright synthetic materials that are just not safe for your cat. Many USA made cat toys are not that much better.

Cats don't want brightly colored toys in weird human food shapes.  They want soft mouse-like fibers, lined for durability, fresh and natural! They want their cat toys to be claw, kick, and chase worthy!  They want them to feel and smell natural-- not like chemicals, plastics, or dyes.  

Cats should not chew on heavily dyed fabric toys filled with catnip! Cats see very little color--so why give them a potentially toxic toy?! That is why all of our catnip toys are dye free, organic, and natural!

We make our toys in our Indiana workshop- lovingly crafted and joyously fun.   Just the organic fibers cats naturally love.

If Mother Nature doesn't make it, we don't use it! 

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