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Kitten Mitten
Kitten Mitten
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Kitten Mitten

  • Our 4 x 5 inch mitten is fun to flip and toss
  • Front of mitten is in a tightly woven colorgrown denim, very nail friendly
  • Sturdy inner mitten of organic canvas
  • Contains a full 1/2 cup of fresh catnip-no fillers
  • No tail, in case your kitty is a yarn muncher
Made in the USA (Indiana)
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Kitten Mitten   8.95
Animal Product Free
Reggie with kitten mitten
Dipstick with the kitten mitten toy
Ogden with catnip mouse

What our customers say:

My cat Chance absolutely loves your toys. He has a big fish that we pack all of his toys into and he will go into it himself and pick out his mitten, carrot, or mouse. I can't wait to see his reaction to the snake this Christmas. It always makes for a good morning and priceless pictures. Thank you!!!
, Tinley Park, IL
I may have to order them Christmas presents in December! Pumpkin carried the mitten into our room the other night from downstairs, my fiancee was pretty impressed. The two of them, I have to say, have been all over my desk since I hid the extra catnip in my stationary draw. I have not seen them get as excited over other things. It was very adorable. Here's 2 pictures for you... Reggie with the carrot, Pumpkin with the mitten. :)
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