Our wool pet blankets are lovely, soft, and washable.

We save wool sweaters from the landfill by gathering damaged/unusable ones from our local thrift shop. We felt them in hot soapy water and double rinse to remove all of the soap.  

We cut these transformed sweaters into squares and drop them off with our local quilter. She turns them into gorgeous blankets to display in your home and comfort your pet! 

Because our wool pet blankets are already felted (shrunk), they are soft and machine washable.  They can even be put in your dryer!

Our blanket selection is constantly revolving as we create new ones and sell current stock. Check back often if a specific pattern or certain colors are important to you.

Consider contacting us if the colors you want are not available-- we will try to help.

Made in the USA (Indiana)

FREE SHIPPING on individual orders over $75  (U.S. Postal Service within the United States) 

Small Pet Blankets 3 x 4 squares / 22 x 30 inches 

Medium Pet Blankets  4 x 5 squares / 30 x 36 inches

Large Pet Blankets 5 x 6 squares / 36 x 45 inches


What our customers say: 

We got the new blanket and it is indeed bright and cheerful. Now we own two of your beautiful blankets and both of our boys can stretch out all they want.
Art and KayNevada
I just wanted to let you know that Sal (the cat) absolutely fell in love with his homemade blanket I bought from you on saturday. He hasnt left it! Jude (the dog) has also been carrying his carrot around with him! Thanks for making my animals happy. 
Kate from Michigan


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