Sturdy Orca Catnip Toy

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A unique catnip toy for cats who like to wrestle and "bunny kick" their toys!  Each Catnip Orca is double layer and tough enough for energetic play.  

Choose from 2 handcrafted versions (both have Organic Cotton Denim Bellies):

Colorgrown Organic Cotton top in a soft dye free green 


Tough Hemp Denim top in a natural dye free light brown

Filled with certified American grown catnip.. tucked deep inside the orca in its own separate pouch. Each Orca Cat Toy contains 1/2 cup of fragrant catnip.

With sturdy fins and a hefty size, our Catnip Orca is great to grab, carry, and bunny kick. It is 7 inches from tail to nose, 4 inches wide at the head, and with the tail flipper 4 inches wide. Lots to grab!

Not machine washable but you can hand wash the outside-- just do not immerse the catnip toy in water. 

Don't forget, supervision is good with any new toy

All of our toys are made by us, in our small Indiana workshop. We handcraft our cat toys with love and a respect for the planet we all depend on. 

If you would like an Orca without catnip please contact us for a custom order.

Did you know Purrfectplay has a shop on Etsy?  Visit this product on Etsy and read our reviews: Purrfectplay on Etsy/ Catnip Orca


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