Small Paper Christmas Stockings - Zero Waste Wrapping for Cat Toys

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Simple eco friendly zero waste gift wrap.  

We cut these "stockings" out of eco friendly kraft packing PAPER and sew them with our trusty vintage machines.  

Not as sturdy as cloth, meant to be used as gift wrap for smaller cat toys. 

This is the Small Stockings: 9 INCHES LONG X 5 INCHES WIDE
Embellished with a simple hand stamped star.  

The small paper stocking is a fun way to offer a few smaller toys.  
Examples of these would be: catnip mice, our Kitten Mitten, Smaller wool cat toys, or smaller catnip free toys.

If you have any questions about what will fit in these small stockings from our cat toy collection... Please Ask!

This small PAPER stocking is designed to be used as fun zero waste wrap - NOT to be hung as mantel stockings.  

3.00 each 
4 for 10.00 

Cannot be exchanged or returned

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