Small Cotton Bunny Mice

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We are very happy to add a new kitty chase toy to our vegan selection!  In researching new chase toys and experimenting with hemp twine techniques we have crafted an organic cotton & dye free Bunny Mouse.  They are light weight, bouncy, and provide interesting contrasting textures for your kitty to explore.  

Each Small Cotton Bunny Mouse is handcrafted with hand cut circles of organic cotton in different sizes. These are strung together with strong hemp twine and held in place with double knots.  The brown "ears" are cut from dye free Foxfiber organic cotton.   Our hemp twine is grown/produced in Romania and is very earth friendly. 

These are simple toys but do take some time to make.  We have fussed over the right size.  We want them to be a safe size, not too large or too small.  When you order a cotton bunny mouse consider the size of your cat and the aggression they give to their play.  The little circles of fabric are sized not to cause digestion problems... but swallowing a whole mouse would be a problem.  This would be a rare risk and only for a large cat, but take note. 

Each Bunny Mouse is about (they are handmade) 1.25 inch diameter around the belly, and just under 2 inches long from the tail to the nose. This does not included the twine ends.   

Sold in sets of 2.  They are machine washable.

Adorably packaged in cute little treasure boxes, they are perfect for gift giving!  

  • Fun to flip and chase
  • Eco friendly and safe 
  • Catnip Free
  • Uniquely designed for playful cats
  • Sold in sets of 2
  • Cute packaging- perfect for gift giving!
  • Each toy is just under 2 inches long/ 1.25 inch diameter
  • Swallow hazard for a large dog

 Made in the USA (Indiana)