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These are seconds Jumbo Wool Balls. They are seconds because the wool in the outer layer felted a bit fuzzier than we are happy with.  For most dogs this will not matter, but if your dog loves to destroy, they are not for you.   Limited quantities. 

Jumbo/ 3 inches  Bigger than a tennis ball. 

Do you wonder what your dog's favorite ball is made of?  Why is it yellow? Where was it made?  Is it safe?

You can choose a completely natural wool ball made in the USA!  Durable, renewable, and washable.  Dogs adore our handmade organic wool balls!  

Choose the correct size dog ball for YOUR dog and learn more. Wool Ball Frequently Asked Questions

* Please note, these balls are made with only natural wool.  You must be comfortable with the fuzziness of wool to be happy with them - some wool can end up in your dog's mouth.  They renew in the washer and come with washing instructions.  Please wash our 100% wool balls to renew them

  • 100% organic wool
  • Made without harsh chemicals
  • Durable and bouncy
  • No squeaker
  • You must be comfortable with wool's fuzzy nature!
  • Renewed by washing
  • Gentle on your dog's teeth
  • Happy pasture raised sheep from small Midwest farms provide our wool
  • They smell and feel natural. 
  • Machine wash and dry

Please order size accordingly.  Visit our FAQ page for size info. 



We received our package in the mail today. I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the extra wool ball. I gave Brutus one ball now and kept the other for when the first one gets shredded. Brutus is dog pound rescue and I've never seen him get more excited for a toy. He LOVES his wool ball !
K.S. Ohio, dog

Here's a couple pics of our dog Morgie with the wool ball I bought from you at the women's expo in Grand Rapids earlier this winter....she hasn't been able to destroy it yet. She's panting b/c we'd been playing fetch up and down the stairs with it.

This is by far the most durable toy I have ever seen. It has outlasted every single other store bought and homemade toy that I have given my 60lb dog Maya. She loves it and continues to play with it day in and day out, yet she cannot destroy it no matter how hard she tries. I plan to to buy her a new one every year...not becuase she needs it but because she deserves it
C. P., Boulder, CO

Purchasing natural fiber toys that are durable and made by environmentally conscious individuals who care about the safety and well-being of my family members is important to me. I presented the large wool ball to my canine companion Renshu over a year ago and it is still intact! That is incredible considering that he is an aggressive chewer who has destuffed expensive toys from the local "pet" store in a matter of minutes. Whether we're engaged in interactive play or he's engaged in passive play, he has never lost interest in the toy. Bret Glass, founder of Cattress Mattress

We received our first wool ball as a gift. Had it forever and now my new puppy thinks it is her favorite toy. These are awesome!
Taylor, Nevada

I needed to spend a moment and tell you about how much my Abbie loves her wool ball! Abbie is a rescued collie who has trauma to her teeth from her former life. She won't chew on bones and will not play with toys. My daughter bought one of your balls at the Renegade Art Fair in Chicago. Let me tell you, she won't let the thing out of her sight, carries it from room to room and even plays with it herself when we're not playing with her. She is just comical and oh so happy to have something that doesn't hurt her sore mouth. Just had to let you know that you made one collie very, very happy!
K.K., Green Bay, WI



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