Organic Cotton Tug Toy

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Our organic cotton dog tugs come in two sizes: large and small.  Hand braided.

Do your dogs love to tug?  Do you worry that most tugs are made from plastics and reprocessed materials?  No worries here!  Our durable dog tugs are hand braided from pure thick organic cotton.  Not for lone chewing, these toys are best for interactive play with their human.  

We make 2 sizes: Small /1 inch thick, 14-16 inches long (10.95)     Large /1.5- 2 inches thick, 23-26 inches long (15.95)

  • Organic cotton dog tug
  • Great interactive dog toy!
  • Sweet smelling and natural
  • Durable
  • Hand braided
  • Machine wash & dry
  • Not for lone chewing—use with supervision
  • Repurposed tags

Our organic cotton tug toys are handmade and the thickness may vary slightly.  Our tugs are now all natural white cotton.  Colorgrown cotton fleece is no longer available in the USA.  Sadly!

Made in USA (Indiana)


What our customers say:

My dog Fancy is writing to tell you she really loves her new small tug toy! We say thank you very very much! The new tug is so nice and stretchy and easy to sink your teeth into!
Eva K.Woodbury, MN.
Molly likes to nibble on her toys. She can nibble away to her heart's content on the cotton tug and it is still intact.
M. A.British Columbia