Natural Wand Cat Toys


Our customers have been asking for a safe natural wand cat toys for many years.  

We have been planning and testing toy designs- and it took us a while to find the right materials: natural, toxin free, safe... AND fun!  

Finally!!!  We have a selection of three toys we feel very happy to offer.  Thank you for your patience!


We start with a lovely wooden wand, made right here in the USA.  We string it with Romanian Hemp cord and an interesting ribbon handle.

NO metal clips!

NO long plastic sticks to jab your cat!

NO plastic, leather, or feather components!

Each "toy" end of the wand is designed for safe, fun, cat friendly play! 

Each unique wand toy comes in its own cloth bag.  Great gifts! 

Remember: These are supervision ONLY toys.  They belong in their bag when not held by a human.