Natural Wand Cat Toy- The Bug

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The Bug!  

Fat felted wool pompom + repurposed felted sweater + double layer paper straws + hemp cord

Simple and Fun!  

The Bug body is 5 inches in diameter-- legs and all!  The big felted wool pom pom in the middle is 2 inches in diameter.  

The hemp cord is simply threaded and knotted at the wand tip.  You can easily shorten it, but you cannot make it longer. 

We have designed the length of the cord to match the nature of the toy at its dangle end:  From the bottom of the Bug to the handle of the wand is approximately 45 inches long.  We made the "Bug" cord a bit longer so that it could "crawl" across the ground.  Creepy, yes, but the cats love that.  

Lovely ribbon at the handle end makes it easy to hold.    

Each wand toy comes with a gift/storage bag.  The fabric will vary.  We cut and sew these bags ourselves.  They are not made in China.  

What and How: 

The straws are made here in Indiana-- using food grade earth friendly paper and dyes. They are designed to be stuck in a human's mouth-- so they are safe for cats.

We cut the straws and then insert another straw inside each segment-- double layer for extra durability!

The cord is 100% natural hemp from Romania. The wool is from reclaimed sweaters-- washed in super hot water and double rinsed.

Our wool pom poms are made and felted by us.  We use USA pasture raised wool for these.  The wool is processed into yarn by a small mill in Maine.  

The wooden handle is produced in North Carolina by a small family run company that makes the best knitting needles we have ever used. They were kind enough to work with us to develop the purrfect wand for our toys!  

We cut all parts by hand and string them ourselves.  

Your Responsibility: 

Our natural wand toys are Supervision only toys!

*** Please put away the toy when you are not with it.  A long string can be a risk for a cat by itself.  Cats can equal chaos. But... you know that.

Made in the USA (Indiana)