Long Catnip Snake

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Long Organic Catnip Snakes.  Natural "kicker" cat toy contain 3 cups of organic catnip. Our new long snake fabric is a dye free plaid. Made in USA

Please note: our new fabric is a woven dye free plaid!  We love the new fabric, durable and lovely.  Nice visual contrast for your kitty!  

  • 18 inches of pure catnip bliss
  • The perfect cat toy for wrestling and kicking!
  • Contains 3 cups of fragrant certified organic catnip
  • Outer organic woven sleeve removable for washing
  • Outer sleeve a fun dye free plaid~  the color is part of the bloom of the cotton!
  • Inner catnip filled sleeve can be hand cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Tied on each end with organic cotton
  • Consider the size of your kitty-- this much catnip can overwhelm a small cat


What our customers say:

Pam, I won one of your cat toys, the long tan stuffed, I guess you can call it a snake, because my cat thinks it's one! My cat Chloe, a rescued cat, has been having the time of her life today, ever since it got delivered. It is truly the best toy she ever had. It's simple, but she is rolling all over it and enjoying it. Thanks so much for providing my family with so many laughs today, and giving Chloe so much fun!
Carol and Chloe
Hannah has had her snake for over two years and does her best to dismantle it on a daily basis. Except for a layer of her hair coating it, the snake looks like it did when I bought it - that thing is indestructible! When I got it, I thought I would have to show Hannah how to use it. But first, I wanted to see how she would react. I set it on the floor and waited. To my surprise, she marched straight over to it, and, without a sniff or a circling, collapsed to the ground, wrapped her body around it, and started kicking the living daylights out of the thing - a routine which has become a daily ritual for her.
Sarah & Hannah, Wisconsin
I ordered a few kitty goodies from you site a few months ago and my kitties just love them! Even my 15 year old calico gets excited and turns into a little playful kitten when I get the long catnip snake out for her. She won't let the young ones near it!!
Nancy, Louisville, KY