Large Wool Bunny Mice

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Because our Wool Dust Bunnies are so wildly popular with all sizes and ages of cats we have been experimenting with other natural cat toys that had the same qualities of our bunnies: natural, light, and with interesting contrasting textures-- in short, we were searching for the perfect mouse like toy!  

During our development of the Kitty BonBons, we came upon a cat toy design that literally fit the bill-- in our workshop, we call them "mousy bunnies".  Cats love them: interesting texture, light and bouncy, mouse-like in shape and weight.  They are also totally cute!  

Each Large Wool Bunny Mouse is handcrafted with a wool "bunny" in the middle to which we add a little tail, ears, and a pink nose- all made with felted wool.  These are strung together with strong hemp twine and held in place with double knots.   

The wool is hand cut from washed, felted, and double rinsed reclaimed sweaters and lends a complexity and fun to each Bunny Mouse .  Our hemp twine is grown/produced in Romania and is very earth friendly. 

Each Large Bunny Mouse is about (they are handmade) 2 inches in diameter around the belly, and is approximately 2.5 inches long from the tail to the nose. This does not included the twine ends.   

Sold in sets of 2.  They are machine washable.

** Note: we make 2 sizes of Bunny Mice. We also make a Small Bunny Mouse.  Check out the image of the small next to the large to understand relative difference in size. 

Adorably packaged in cute little treasure boxes, they are perfect for gift giving!  

  • Fun to flip and chase
  • Eco friendly and safe 
  • Catnip Free
  • Uniquely designed for playful cats
  • Sold in sets of 2
  • Cute packaging- perfect for gift giving!
  • Each toy is a total of 2.5 inches long
  • Swallow hazard for a large dog

 Made in the USA (Indiana)