Jingle Snakes



Purrfectplay has been celebrated for our durable super fun catnip toys and wool chase toys for years.  

Recently we have noticed our cat toys are lacking in "jingles" !   No More!

We are offering 2 types of Jingle Snakes:  

     1.  100% organic cotton      

     2.  Washed and felted colorful sweater wool

Both are:

     Divided into separate jingly cells

     Move like snakes during play

     Catnip free & washable.

     Have 2 bells per "cell"(very jingly)

     Bells are securely sewn to a thick square of felted wool and further protected by a inner cloth sleeve -no loose bells ever!  

     Available in 3 different sizes

    How the Wool and Cotton Jingle Snakes differ from each other: 

      Wool Jingle Snakes are heavier with a thicker outer "skin" of wool.  Great for cats who like to claw. 

      Organic Cotton Jingle Snakes are a bit less heavy and lined.  Except for the bell packet, they are vegan.  

      The size categories differ -- note the lengths in each snake type

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