Hemp Washcloth

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A small and large hemp washclothes. Made in USA.  Great for muddy dog paws. Purrfectplay.com

The open weave and slightly "crunchy" texture of these hemp washcloths makes them great at washing a dirty dog face or paw.

As an added bonus, because hemp is mildew resistant, you can rinse these cloths out and reuse them a few times before tossing them in the wash.

Hemp washclothes make a great travel aid when slipped in with your doggy stuff and can be kept by the door to take care of muddy dog paws. 

We offer 2 sizes:  Small 11 x 11 (8.95)  Large 20 x 20 (15.95)

  • 100% hemp fiber
  • Mildew resistant
  • Chemical and dye free
  • Long wearing

Made in USA (Washington)