Gift Box for Cats: Fuzzy Mouse & Crocheted Ball & Cotton Dust Bunny

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Wool free combination. Perfect for your vegan household-- or really any kitty home!

Our Fuzzy Catnip Mouse, a Crocheted Cotton Ball, and a Cotton Bunny.  All sweetly organic and natural!

 The Crocheted Cotton Ball is made with organic cotton yarn. If your cat likes to eat yarn, please choose another fun gift box. 

  • Don't forget supervision is always a good idea with any pet toy
  • The smaller balls could be a swallow hazard for large dogs
  • Not designed to be a child's toy

We are  happy to fill in a message on your gift card-- just include a note in the shopping cart.  

** Tissue paper and decorations will change with the seasons.  

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Handmade in the USA (Indiana)