Fun Everyday Bandannas - Extra Small

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Our extra small dog bandanna is perfect for dogs under 8 pounds-- for the smaller puppy or full grown "toy".  This size would also be fine for a cat!  

Our reversible cotton bandanna slips right over your dog's collar. Comfy and Fun!

8 inches long at the neck.  The collar opening is 1.25 (1 1/4) inches wide-- for comfort we suggest a collar not bigger than 3/4 inch wide.

Our extra small hemp dog collars for toy sized dogs would be a perfect collar for this bandanna!  OR if you dog is slightly bigger our small hemp dog collar would work as well.  

Choose any 2 fabrics that tickle your fancy!  All fabrics for "Everyday" Bandannas are organic. 

*** after ordering please double check your fabric choices to make sure they are as you wish! 

Each bandanna is made to order.  Give us 10 days to ship. We can often pop it in the mail even earlier, we try our best!

Shipping is included in the price!  Bandannas will ship separately when completed.  

Our fun dog bandannas make great gifts!  Quality cotton dog bandannas.  Preshrunk and durable.  

Made in Indiana (USA)