Dog Walking/ Leash Pouch

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We upcycle damaged wool sweaters into colorful and charming leash pouches. Each leash pouch is unique—no two are alike.

Great gifts for dog loving friends!

Our innovative design allows you to easily carry the essentials for a care free walk with your dog:

  • Clips to the handle of your leash for easy access
  • 5 x 5 inches/ Handmade and may vary slightly
  • Front pocket buttons securely- perfect for waste bags/cell phone 
  • Back pocket shuts with velcro- great location to stash treats
  • Handsome lead free pewter button made by a local Chicago artist
  • Made in USA (Indiana)

Choose from 7 color families/View images for more details:

Blue, Cream/Tan, Green, Grey, Red, Heather/Brown, and Pastel Pink

**If you want a specific color or combo, please contact us for a special order.  


What our customers say:

Your leash pouch is a great idea! It provides the perfect way to carry dog walking essentials such as a cell phone, keys, cash, business cards, a poop bag, etc. (I live in DC so mine also comes in handy for carrying pepper spray, a mini-flash light, and a whistle!). Furthermore, I love that it's made out of recycled wool sweaters! Functional. Earth-friendly. Creative. Stylish. Not only do I have one, but it's on my list of gift ideas for the other avid dog-walkers I know!
I really enjoy the versatility of my leash pouches. I use one to hold my cell phone, small notebook and pen (for 'portable office use') and the other as a 'leash pouch' when walking my pups for dog treats, poop bags, keys and pepper spray. They hold the items securely, but also provide easy access and are very light weight. They can securely clip onto pant loops, leashes or anything that takes a clip. They are distinctive and made with beautiful, colorful recycled sweater material.
HeidiAnchorage, Alaska