Cell phone/ Eye Glass Case

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Do you find yourself digging around in your purse or searching your desk for your glasses or cell phone?  Try our unique handmade cell phone/eyeglass case.  Made from reclaimed wool sweaters, they are soft and unique.  No two alike.  

Enjoy the feel and look of your cell phone/eyeglass case and support reuse.

Lovely to use, our cases also make great gifts for your pet loving friends.

Available in many colors, they close with a lead free pewter button designed by Barb Meyer, a well know Chicago designer.  3 button choices: Halo Cat, Halo Dog, or Natural Cat. 

Each case is approximately 10 inches long/ 3.5-4 inches wide.  If you need a larger case, just contact us for a custom one.

Choose a color family:

Dark Blues/Black, Light Blue/Light Greys, Reds, Tans/Browns, Dark Blues, Cream.