Catnip Free Jingle Snakes


USPS hubs are still are backed up. Please have patience with the delivery of your order.  Thank you and be well. 

Purrfectplay has been celebrated for our durable super fun catnip toys and wool chase toys for years.  

Recently we have noticed our cat toys are lacking in "jingles" !   No More!

We are offering 2 types of Jingle Snakes:  

     1.  Organic cotton      

     2.  Washed and felted colorful sweater wool

Both are:

     Divided into separate jingly cells

     Move like snakes during play

     Catnip free & washable.

     Have 2 bells per "cell"(very jingly)

     Bells are securely sewn to a thick square of felted wool and further protected by a inner cloth sleeve -no loose bells ever!  

     Available in 3 different sizes

    How the Wool and Cotton Jingle Snakes differ from each other: 

      Wool Jingle Snakes are heavier with a thicker outer "skin" of wool.  Great for cats who like to claw. 

      Organic Cotton Jingle Snakes are a bit less heavy and lined.  Except for the bell packet, they are vegan.  

      The size categories differ -- note the lengths in each snake type

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