Carry All Bag for Cat Lover's

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Fun and useful carry all/ bag designed to carry cameras, cell phones, ipods. Great gifts for cat lovers!  Made in the USA.  Front view

We upcycle damaged wool sweaters into colorful and charming little bags. Each carry all is unique—no two are alike-- lovely useful gifts for cat lovers!

These cute bags are a perfect solution for carrying ipods, phones, cameras, and more.  Soft yet strong. 

We find they make lovely packaging or "wrapping" for a special more expensive gift.   

  • 4 ½ inch square
  • The front pocket overlaps and buttons securely
  • The back pocket closes with Velcro
  • Clip to your belt loop or bag
  • Lightweight and washable
  • Artist crafted lead free pewter button
  • Thoughtful and unique gifts for cat owners

Available in 6 color families. You choose! Each is totally unique and they are all wonderful:

Blue, Blacks/Greys, Light Grey, Light Earth Tones, Creams/Pastels, Pinks.

If you want a certain combination not listed, please contact us for a special order.